Carano Backlash Unwaranted

Despite harsh scrutiny from the blind media, Carano did land her shots on Cyborg

Despite harsh scrutiny from the blind media, Carano did land her shots on Cyborg

It has been almost a week since the monumental Carano-Cyborg fight and the critics continue to deliver Gina Carano another beating in the aftermath of the fight.  I’m a firm believer in that people tend to focus more on finishes than the fight itself.  The severe backlash on Carano’s performance, in my opinion, proves this.  The negativity has been pouring in since the fight labeling the MMA star a farce and another exposed overrated talent of the now defunct Elite XC.  One Yahoo writer even declared that Carano “was beating prostitutes and house wives up until she fought Cyborg”.  Since being handed her first professional loss the pundits continue to question her record & accomplishments.  This is truly sad to me because Gina Carano is the deserving star she has become and this is why:

1)  Gina Carano fought legitimate MMA competitors.  Elite XC was a bad MMA outlet but it was no Tough Woman Contest by far.  Elite XC did in fact overspend and badly manage their product but the fact remains that Gina Carano faced women from the same talent pool as Cris “Cyborg” Santos had fought herself.  Cyborg was running through her opposition as well and just because last Saturday night she was the better woman in the cage does that warrant all of Carano’s victories to be “set ups”?  Promotions have always wanted desired  results from its fights and even the big bad UFC has rendered these ugly habits in their attempt of long denying Lyoto Machida his title shot.  They are not exempt from this poor practice either but why would any promoter build up a star like Gina Carano, whose crossover appeal is without peer at the moment, set her up only to fail against a vastly superior athlete when the returns on their investments would be much more plentiful if Carano would have won?  Think about it.  Carano’s record is no less watered down than Cyborg.  Both women fought the same skill levels in the same promotion.  If you’re going to question one then why not both?

2)  Gina Carano doesn’t owe anybody anything.  It today’s greedy sports world the viewing public apparently have developed a sad demand for their favorite athletes to meet all of their impossible and ridiculous bids. From the moment the fight was announced everyone was hoping it would exceed the billing as an entertaining all-action fight which it was and Carano fought a good fight.  She delivered on all her promises.  When the fight needed attention it was OK to use Gina to build up the event without even thinking of questions her faults, weaknesses or  laurels as a fighter.  I have no problem with her not conducting a post fight interview.  She fought, she lost, remained in the cage (quite emotional understandably so since the weight of the moment was almost extensively on her shoulders), waited for the official announcement then congratulated Cyborg by handing her the inaugural Strikeforce Woman’s 145lbs. championship belt.  She did more for the sport and the fans alike then say Forrest Griffin did after pulling a Roadrunner exit following his loss to Anderson Silva or Ramage Jackson’s drunken police chase after losing his title to Griffin.  She acted like a professional more so than some of the bigger men stars and the last time I checked that’s all should be expected out of a prize fighter.

3) Carano may have lost but she fought a good fight and had chances to win the fight.  As the underdog no one expected Carano to be able to handle Cyborg’s wrestling yet Cyborg was stuffed on almost every take down attempt and in fact Carano was able to put Cyborg down more so than what was expected.  Carano befuddled even Cyborg herself who’s much feared jui-jitsu saw failed heel hook, kimura and arm bar attempts.  Carano remained calm and bested Cyborg submission attempts.  I’m also willing to bet my next born that Cyborg never envisioned herself on the ground with Carano on top in the mount yet that is exactly what happened.  In a severe tactical error, whether it was too much respect for Cyborg’s BJJ or too much confidence in her own Maui Taui, Carano allowed Cyborg to stand which cost her greatly.  Cyborg actually was the one who “fought like a girl” in the sense that she tried several times on clawing Carano’s eyes out.  If if you ever had your eyes attacked you know you can’t see very well immediately after.  The referee did a poor job of limiting Cyborg’s roughhousing tactics which is neither an art nor a discipline but mere street fighting.  MMA is mixed martial arts; not back alley scrapping.  Carano scored with kicks and jabs when there was distance.  People are quick to say that Cyborg walked right through them but jabs and leg kicks are used to establish distance, tempo, control & scoring.  Carano also stunned Cyborg on one of her hooks but in the end Cyborg got in close and overwhelmed Carano with her strength.  There is no shame in that.  There is nothing wrong with losing to Cyborg and it should be recognized as so especially after fairing much better than what the odds-makers and pros predicted.

The double-edged sword dealt to Carano is to be as beautiful as she is and be as deadly as the media would like her to be.  It is sad that in this day and age it’s simply not good enough to “play a good game” anymore.  If Ray Lamotta would be living today there would be no way he would be the star and Hall of Famer he became after losing 5 of 6 fights to Sugar Ray Robinson.  Carano is the real deal and the rightful star of the sport.  She is the ambassador the sport needs and she will bounce back.  She is still the star of women’s MMA and will knock out all this criticism  just as quickly as it was dealt.  Janet Jackson said “what have you done for me lately”.  Well Carano did everything she was supposed to do except to win and that’s OK by me.  She can still kick my ass so why am I to criticize?


2 Responses to “Carano Backlash Unwaranted”

  1. Interesting comments. First time I’ve visited the site so I don’t have a handle on the degree of sarcasm yet! But here are a couple of comments, you are right, Mayweather sounds like an idiot, I hope it is only because he is trying to create interest in a dying sport.

    • Dallas O'Malley Says:

      He only did it to generate more ppv buys. It seems to have worked along with faking the rib injury to move the date on the weekend of Mexican Independence Day which obviously was smart since he was fighting Juan Manual Marquez. The word around the campfire is that his ppv numbers are coming in or around 1 million. So it seems to have worked so as childish as it was to use race as a promotional tool apparently it was effective. That is truly sad because Floyd won his fight against the UFC with this tactic but boxing has lost more than it gained with it.

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