Mayweather Prepared To Put His Money Where His Mouth Is

Never at a loss for words, what will Dana White say when Mayweather bests his UFC103 card?

Never at a loss for words, what will Dana White say when Mayweather bests his UFC103 card?

The ongoing debate of which is the better combat sport boxing or mixed martial arts it may be the hottest topic since Coca-Cola Original Formula vs. New Coke.  Well maybe not like that since Coca-Cola Original Formula blew away New Coke but since the argument was sparked there have been two men who’ve balked at the other’s claim for their respective sport since the talk began to realistically take shape.  In one corner you have the UFC President Dana White and in the other corner boxing big mouth Floyd Mayweather Jr.  On September 19 fans will have to choose one of the two when Mayweather’s comeback fight goes head-to-head with the UFC103 live on pay-per-view.  It will be the day where both sports take their first literal shots at one another.

Mayweather is known as “Money” for his boisterous bragging about walking around with $300K in his pocket at any given time.  Ironically, “Money” is in desperate need of some as he currently owes $6.4 million dollars to the IRS, his homeowners’ association and even the garbage man is looking for unpaid monies from Mayweather.  I mean what kind of guy doesn’t pay his local garbage man?  Going back to boxing was his only option as he overestimated his popularity despite recent stints on Wrestlemania and the popular “Dancing With The Stars”.  Never looking to possibly blemish his perfect record, Mayweather hand selected Juan Manuel Marquez for his comeback opponent to build his market value with an eventual dream matchup with current pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao in 2010.  Mayweather may be a very talented yet overrated, racist, loudmouth jerk but he’s certainly no dummy.  He is well aware that without an Oscar De La Hoya in the opposite corner he will not make the money he desperately needs. So Mayweather went on the onslaught against MMA to build up his own fight and even booked his date the same night as the UFC 103 PPV card.  Dana White has gone on the offensive by announcing that Spike TV will be airing a full hour of the UFC 103 undercard commercial free which will broadcast during Mayweather’s undercard.  Mayweather vs. Marquez is being met with a collective yawn but Rich Franklin vs. Victor Belfort isn’t exactly stirring much excitement either. 

MMA is the more explosive sport at the moment fresh off the success of its centennial event in July.  Dana White had a golden opportunity to shut up the boxing critics who either fail to see the threat MMA is or know that their sport is endangered.  Yet properly spacing out its elite talent provided a scheduling conflict for the UFC to better challenge Mayweather’s comeback.  UFC100 is the 6th highest selling PPV fight card which is extremely impressive considering that boxing has had a 100 year head start.   In the past ten years boxing has eclipsed the 1 million PPV buy mark 4 times and MMA has done it 3 times in 7 years which is remarkable considering the relative youth of the sport and more recent mainstream acceptance.   Boxing has more stars at its disposal and thus the undercard for Mayweather-Marquez may rival the UFC103 undercard but main events sell fights.  Mayweather is a bigger draw than Franklin and he knows this therefore that could very well be the reason he decided to change the date for his fight and not the bogus injury report from his camp.  Then following Monday, when the rough estimates of PPV buys begin to roll in, White and the rest of the MMA loving fan base will have to endure Mayweather said he told us so.  That may be more painful than Brock Lensar’s ground and pound but White isn’t going to take that lying down so hopefully he can rebound quickly to finally give Mayweather his much anticipated 1st loss.  When that happens then boxing will no longer be able to avoid the revolution that is mixed martial arts.  That is when we all win.


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  1. Nice post, I do understand what you are saying but don’t totally agree with it

  2. amazing stuff thanx 🙂 i always wanna say that for good blog like this 🙂

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