Hogan Not Acting Like A Hero

Can hulk Hogan tell who is kissing him these days?  Left: Jennifer McDaniel - Right:  Brook Hogan

Can Hulk Hogan tell who is kissing him these days? Left: Jennifer McDaniel - Right: Brooke Hogan

Does this picture freak anyone else out?  A relationship between father and daughter is a special but Hulkamania is running a little bit too wild these days dating his daughter Brooke’s body double.  The picture above was taken from a recent concert in Miami for Brooke’s comeback that aired on Brooke’s reality show “Brooke Knows Best” in which Hulk Hogan made a special appearance.  After seeing this I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore.  I want to be fair to one of my childhood heroes but the more I see this unfold the more it wigs me out.  From Brooke taking a peek at her father in the shower at a spa to the Hulkster applying sunscreen to Brooke’s derriere now has Hulk crossing into something disgustingly bizarre.  Sharing an intimate moment with a Brooke look-alike is body slamming the fantastic reputation Hogan built for himself as pro wrestling’s eminent figure along with all his charity work.  Hogan is a good person and unquestionable a great father in many respects but he needs to leg drop his sickness with some professional help.  Ugh, Hogan say your prayers, eat your vitamins and get straight because one father to another: lusting on your daughter is just plain sick.


2 Responses to “Hogan Not Acting Like A Hero”

  1. Not a very fair survey. Brooke looks like his ex and his new gal pal looks like the both of them. Big deal.

    • Dallas O'Malley Says:

      Thank you for your appreciation of most of my opinions and your interest enough to comment. Brooke looks like his ex due to genetics. There’s no way around that but his girlfriend was hand picked and just so happens to look like his daughter even down to the body type. He has displayed several disturbing acts from a father that most people, including myself, to find a bit disturbing. If it were a Linda look-a-like it would be one thing because you can say he’s attracted to his ex but not in love with her. Its a competely different thing altogether when its your daughter’s non-biological twin. It had to have crossed his mind which wigs me out even more. Most people would agree as the polls indicates. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I value yours. Thanks for the feedback and it’s always appreciated good or bad. Keep ’em coming.

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