Coming To A Theater Near You: PPV Boxing

I don’t need to see this degenerate on the big screen.

I don’t need to see this degenerate on the big screen.

Fresh off a disastrous weekend for boxing that saw heavyweight promoter Golden Boy Promotions virtually stack the entire deck against an opposing lesser promotion’s fighter now boxing is pimping out yet another bad idea.  What bad timing too.  Over the weekend lightweight contender Paulie Malignaggi was robbed of a decision over Juan Diaz in which everything was put in place to work against him.  Immediately following the announcement Malignaggi & HBO boxing analyst Max Kellerman voiced their displeasure on air about the absurd politics that plagues and diminishes their sport.  Now in the wake of the tragedy that was Diaz’s gift decision, Richard Shaefer of Golden Boy Promotions has announced that the upcoming Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez fight on September 19 will be showing at your local movie theater for the admission price of $15 a shot.  This is an old school way to attract viewers by renewing a concept that was abandoned decades ago.  Broadcasting high level fights in movie theaters is nothing new but hasn’t been done since the late-70s to early-80s.  Now I’m no math wizard but if you have say five guys chip in for a $50 pay-per-view fight at someone’s house that would be $10 a person in between them.  If those same five guys go the movie theater to watch the same PPV then those saps will end up paying $75 total.  Keep in mind you will not be in the comfort of someone you know or your own home.  You will not be able to drink alcohol in the theater and not to mention will not be able to control the noise level inside the theater.  It also won’t give you the vibe a fight at a bar will give you.  It sounds cool when you first hear it but it doesn’t make much sense.  Not even if you are just looking to get out of the house because you can always go by someone else’s house.  The only point to this is to line Oscar De La Hoya’s already golden pockets with more gold and to give Mayweather more breathing room in the bear hug of the IRS.  They’ll get their money regardless so why do something that doesn’t make much sense other than to those who truly benefit from it like DLH and Mayweather?  I mean really?  Really?  To each his own but I’m just saying….


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