Women’s MMA is ‘The Gina Carano Show’

Gina Carano can smile knowing the best has yet to come for her and her young career.

Gina Carano can smile knowing the best has yet to come for her and her young career.

In the aftermath of her historic fight against newly crowned Strikeforce Women’s Middleweight Champion Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos, Carano may become a bigger star than she was in the build up of her championship bout with Santos.  A promotional error on Strikeforce’s part was the decision not to feature more potential opponents on the card as well as not signing more talent prior to the match, like newly recruited Erin Toughill, to showcase as a contender for the winner who ultimately became Santos.  It is clear to me that since the official announcement of the overall success of Carano vs. Cyborg was the biggest event in the company’s history, including Frank Shamrock’s highly touted loss to middleweight champion Cung Le, the most intriguing storyline the company can possibly pitch is the comeback of Gina Carano.   Almost the entire event of Carano vs. Cyborg was pushed on Carano’s star power.  She is a proven draw and the Nielsen Ratings System proves that.  Now Strikeforce is basically grasping at straws trying to find a opponent for Cyborg in the meantime while Carano picks up the pieces all the while preserving the vastly skilled, yet virtually unknown, 10-year veteran Toughill as a later attraction.

Toughill (10-2-1) is a likely opponent for both Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg.

Toughill (10-2-1) is a likely opponent for both Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg.

The fight itself received mixed reviews regarding the quality of technique involved but no one can deny the excitement the duel brought.  Carano can receive credit for that too for putting up a much better fight than what was predicted.  In doing so Carano also showed she has the ability to win but as Toughill claims, was unable to capitalize on good opportunities to win the fight due to nerves due for the enormous pressure Carano faced in the moments building up the fight.  With that being said this writer believes that knowing what to expect from Cyborg will make the rematch that much more interesting.  With each fight working her way back up to an eventual rematch against Cyborg people will be glued to see it all unfold.  Throwing Toughill into the division gives Strikeforce the Ali, Frazier & Foreman of women’s MMA with Carano mirroring Ali as the people’s champion.  Like Ali, even without the belt Carano will be the star attraction for the sport.    Gina Carano may no longer need to single-handedly carry the sport of women’s MMA but she will because she is that big of a star.  Her one million watt smile will light up people’s tv screens but when they do they’ll see her exceed her much hyped expectations.  That is the make of the people’s champion and that is Gina ‘Conviction’ Carano.


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