Carano Scores a “Knockout” With Hollywood

Gina Carano’s next fight is to become Hollywood’s next big action star.

Gina Carano’s next fight is to become Hollywood’s next big action star.

I don’t claim to know everything, and I’ve been wrong a lot of times in my life, but the first time I laid eyes on Gina Carano I knew immediately that she was a star.  Regardless of whether it would be either in the cage or another platform I knew she had that special something that eludes most people.  So special in fact that her unquestioned star power continues to shine brighter despite suffering her first professional loss.  She’s a knockout for sure and Hollywood thinks so too.  The first real superstar of women’s MMA can lay claim to another first for female martial artists.  Variety Magazine reports that Hollywood directing stud Steven Soderbergh (Erin Brockovich, Ocean’s Eleven) has cast Carano for the lead role in the upcoming spy action thriller “Knockout” that is scheduled to being filming in January 2010.  The story is a played out one but still a classic where a talented nonconformist is granted restitution by to using her special talents for the greater good.   “Knockout” will most likely be “XXX” without the Y-chromosome.  Carano’s absence from MMA in early 2010 will undoubtedly postpone her much awaited comeback but opportunity doesn’t come knocking everyday and I couldn’t be happier for Carano.

What other Hollywood actress can actually do this?  Answer:  None.

What other Hollywood actress can actually do this? Answer: None.

With so many other stars taking up a new trade in film then it’s only fitting in my eyes that the biggest draw in Strikeforce history is awarded the same liberties.  People will begin to bitch about it but by the time Cung Lee finishes filming his current film, “Pandorum” starring Dennis Quaid, it will be over 2 years since he won the belt from Frank Shamrock. Yet we still talk about and recognize him as a legitimate champion.  So before you begin to pick apart Gina “Conviction” Carano, remember that there is no pension plan for fighters in any sport.  It has been a sad story told all too often when fighters end up broke and destitute. This is Carano’s God-given right to take this massive opportunity and to open new doors in her career. Taking faux punches to the head for more money is not rocket science when considering the alternative.  So who’s to blame her?  I’m not saying that Soderbergh is going to neither turn Carano into an Academy Award winning actress nor the next female box office champ, but we can all feel good that someone who actually deserves it is getting the chance to do film and represent the sport honorably.  Hell she just might be the only “real” female action star in Hollywood and she’s taking the right steps to avoid becoming another depressing statistic or the next Christy Martin.  There’s no condemning that.


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