Superbowl Super Picks

Ooh, thank the sports gods because the NFL season is almost upon us!  This is a NFL-sized blog for those who love football.  In just a few hours the road to Miami begins at Pittsburgh; the current address for the Lombardi Trophy.  Everybody’s making their predictions, casting the odds and voting on which team they think will win football’s ultimate prize.  It’s like the swine flu spreading feverishly over the country and I’m infected with it too.  There are the trendy picks like the Chargers and Eagles but I doubt either of those will actually happen.  The conventional AFC favorites are my own too but the NFC is where I tend to see things differently.

1) The New England Patriots

Tom Brady’s return signals the resurgence of the Patriots.

Tom Brady’s return signals the resurgence of the Patriots.

The second most popular pick in the nation is my top choice.  Tom Brady is back and quite frankly that might be all they need.  No one man is more than the team but only Peyton Manning means as much to his club as Brady means to the Patriots.  I’ve heard all the reports about their aging defense but there is no coach in the NFL who utilizes his players’ talents more so than Bill Bilicheck.  If there is a hole to be filled Bilicheck will find a way to win just like all of the all-time great coaches.  This is an extraordinary team and could be eyeing up their 4th championship this decade.  Brady’s Bunch won’t set any records this season but they could break the will of any team in the league.

2) The Pittsburgh Steelers

Troy Polumalu and Steelers’ championship defense are damn good reasons for a possible repeat.

Troy Polumalu and Steelers’ championship defense are damn good reasons for a possible repeat.

The tightfisted defending champions know all too well that’s its harder to defend the title than anything else.  Ben Roesthlisberger is becoming a big game quarterback and coach Mike Tomlin is doing a fine job with pretty much the same team he inherited from Bill Cowher but in the playoffs the difference between winning and losing may come down to coaching.  Big Ben can’t outplay Brady and Tomlin won’t out coach Bilicheck.  When Brady & Bilicheck met them before they lost and I don’t see it any differently this year either.  Although is something drastic happens to the Patriots then it’s a lock.

3) The Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning aims to forever silence his critics with another ring.

Peyton Manning aims to forever silence his critics with another ring.

The Colts won’t miss a beat with Dungy & Harrison gone.  The heart of this team beats strong and make no mistake about that.  They have fewer distractions and with all the pressure on teams like the Patriots, Steelers and Chargers the Colts can play a little looser. There are always mammoth expectations when you have a quarterback like Peyton Manning on the roster but the pros and analysts alike don’t see Manning showered in confetti this year.  The reason is because of the other powerhouse AFC teams who are better fit to win it all.  People didn’t think Manning and Co. would win it all in 2006 but they did and it could happen again.  When you have a quarterback like Manning you always have a chance that is something other teams wish they could say for themselves.

4) The NFC

There’s plenty to flip over for with Roddy White & the Falcons.

There’s plenty to flip over for with Roddy White & the Falcons.

In this conference it’s really an open contest regardless of what anybody says about the New York Giants or Philadelphia Eagles.  Judging by the NFC’s representatives in the big game this decade only the Giants have mustered up more than one appearance this decade.  By contrast during the same time frame the Patriots, Steelers and Colts (the AFC’s big three) have accounted for seven of the nine Superbowl teams for the AFC.  The NFC has had eight different teams (Giants, Rams, Buccaneers, Panthers, Eagles, Seahawks, Bears and Cardinals) go up against the same AFC monsters year after year.  The Giants look the most impressive of the NFC beasts and the Green Bay Packers appear to be the best of the rest but my choice for the team to really fly under the radar and bomb everyone’s hopes are the…Atlanta Falcons.  Yes the Falcons.  They are assembling a nice contender down in Hotlanta and Matt Ryan has both the smarts and the weapons to foil the NFC playoff picture.  Ryan maybe the smartest quarterback in the league and if I had to have someone take my SATs then Ryan would be my number one draft choice.  The aerial threats of Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White will cause problems for defensive coordinators leaving Michael Turner to roam free on the turf.   The defense isn’t too shabby either which makes the Dirty Birds a dangerous team this season.

Some of you may question why I left fashionable Superbowl selections like the Chargers and Eagles off my list.  That’s because the Chargers have too many retards in the lockeroom.  Phillip Rivers needs to stop jawing and make more plays.  Shawne Merriman might find another way to possibly get suspended from the league.  They are a fine football team but lacking the intestinal fortitude to topple the league’s best.  The Eagles are this generation’s version of the Buffalo Bills except without all the Superbowl appearances.  As the weeks roll on the predictions will be altered and we’ll be discussing this topic anew.  That’s why we love football and can’t wait to see it all play out.  Is kick off here already?


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