The 10th season “The Ultimate Fighter” is set to air this month on Spike TV and all the focus has been on Kimbo Slice.  Kimbo this…Kimbo that…blah, blah, blah.  I would like to point out that there is something much more interesting going on this season than the overrated, unfortunate stereotype that is Kimbo Slice.

The hulking Brock Lesnar has revitalized the public’s love for a heavyweight therefore this season of TUF has been dubbed “The Ultimate Fighter:  Heavyweights”.  Of the 16 beefy competitors 4 are former NFL Players:  Marcus Jones, Matt Mitirone, Wes Shivers and Brendan Schaub.  The most decorated of the NFL quartet is Marcus Jones who was the 1996 1st round draft pick for the Tampa Buccaneers and played defensive end during their championship run.

More and more these days former professional athletes from all corners are actively pursuing a second career in mixed martial arts.  Whether it is just a fad remains to be seen but while this all plays out for us on cable television I started thinking of which former and current NFL players I would like to see dabble a bit in MMA.

There are lots of things to consider like physicality, brute strength, athleticism and charisma.  The NFL has brought us many players who fit that bill but when it comes down to it I can only think of a few guys I’d like to see get nasty in the cage.  Would you care to guess?  Well I’ll tell you anyway.

Heavyweight – Kyle Turley (6’3″ 265 lbs)

Kyle Turley could rip off someone’s head when properly trained and motivated.

Kyle Turley could rip off someone’s head when properly trained and motivated.

For those of you who wonder why I think Turley is Octagon worthy you only have to think back to 2004. Turley jumped in a heaping pile of NY Jets players to rescue Aaron Brooks and came out with Damien Robinson’s helmet then tossed it down field.  If that doesn’t say he’s totally badass then I don’t know what does.  Turley is vicious and he is incredibly agile for a man of his size.   He could thrash a lot of the heavyweights with the proper training.

Heavyweight – Jeremy Shockey (6’5″ 251 lbs)

I love Shockey’s presence and it would rock in the cage.

I love Shockey’s presence and it would rock in the cage.

Shockey is one of the fiercest men on the field at any given time.  He is a jacked up freak of nature and an absolute beast.  Unleashing Shockey’s fury in the cage would be a sight to see.  Something tells me he has a better chin than most of the heavyweights out there.

Light Heavyweight – Adrian Peterson (6’1″ 217 lbs)

AP could eye up running over the lightweight division when he hangs up his cleats.

AP could eye up running over the light heavyweight division when he hangs up his cleats.

He would have to cut some weight to make the light heavyweight limit but a physical marvel like Peterson cannot be left out of the discussion.  Peterson may lack the intensity of Turley and Shockey but he makes up for it in natural ability.  It’s easy to imagine AP learning all facets of the MMA game and excelling like a black GSP.

Don’t get me wrong because I’d like to see other former players compete in MMA.  Take Ray Lewis and Shayne Merriman for example.  I’d like to see Ray Lewis and Shawne Merriman take their shots just so they can get knocked out because I hate those stupid dances they do.  That would be a blessing.  Reggie Bush is another fantastic athlete who has astonishing physical gifts but he’s got too much bitch in him.  This is all wishful thinking of course but it would certainly make for interesting television.  We often call football players gladiators so it would be interesting to see which players, or former players, really could live up to that comparison.


2 Responses to “NFL Going UFC”

  1. Your articles are very interesting!

    NFL going UFC nicely doneee..

    I really enjoyed your blog, I just had a quick question when you get a chance. If you could send me an e-mail to it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Dallas O'Malley Says:

      Thanks for your appreciation and interest. I will be posting more NFL articles in the future. And with all the upcoming UFC and boxing pay-per-views, there should be plenty to talk about! 🙂

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