NFL Week 1 Throwdown

With week 1 now in the books all the Tuesday Morning Quarterbacks are calling audibles and reading coverages at countless water coolers all around the country.  Before we officially head to week 2 here’s the 4-1-1 on last week’s action:

  • It took 3 ½ quarters but Tom Brady found his form and delivered a killer blow to the Bills’ upset hopes.  Oh man what a feeling.
  • Am I the only one not impressed with another quick start by Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys?  Talk to me come week 12.
  • I bet Jay Cutler is missing Brandon Marshall & Eddie Royal right about now.
  • Plaxico who?  The Giants are fine and welcome back Osi Umenyiora!
  • Brett Favre is officially just a “managing” quarterback & AP is just plain sick.
  • There was a Peyton Manning sighting in Jacksonville.
  • Say it ain’t so?  The Ravens actually have a franchise quarterback.
  • The Browns are still the Browns.
  • The Falcons made the overrated Dolphins look overrated.
  • Let the quarterback controversy begin in Philly.  Hank Baskett was released to make room for Michael Vick.  Sorry Hank but at least you still have Kendra right?
  • In a quarterback-driven league Drew Brees is peerless in the NFC.
  • The Mark Sanchez era is officially underway.
  • The St. Louis Hams, I’m sorry…Rams, are the best UFL team in the league.
  • Looks like the Cardinals won’t avoid the Superbowl curse.
  • As much as I love Cris Collinsworth, I still miss John Madden.

And there you have it.  Holla back…if you hear me.


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