Mayweather’s Race Card Has Expired

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is in fact as dumb as he looks.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is in fact as dumb as he looks.

Mayweather has done it again.  Just when you think he can’t get any more ignorant he proves us wrong yet again.  Now he even has me ranting about his stupidity.  He claims now that race is the reason behind his negative image.  Don’t let this fool you.  Mayweather is too smart to believe his own nonsense.

He is not at all serious but he would have you believe he is.  Mayweather is insanely insecure.  Just look at his juvenile promotional tactics.  Stating that his race is the reason people hate him is about as redundant as his fights.  If Mayweather is perceived a certain way it is because he chose to portray himself that way. It’s sickening to see these articles about his unnoticed generous side and how misunderstood he is.  That’s total bullshit.  Floyd is not bothered at all at being viewed as a heel.  He played the role in every promotion because that is all he knows.  He could never be the media darling like “Sugar” Ray Leonard or Oscar De La Hoya. He might have had a chance if he wasn’t such a jackass.  He’s been labeled charismatic but if he were truly were then he would have to resort to racialism to sell his fight with Juan Manual Marquez.

Race is a surefire way to drum up some buzz but completely and totally asinine.  With the fight just a few days away pitter-patter Floyd figured to throw the race card out hoping it turns into a few more PPV buys.  Floyd only knows cheap ways to promote a fight.  He knows the threat a mediocre card like the simultaneously telecasted UFC103 poses to his own success.  Floyd is fully aware that the last time boxing and MMA went head-to-head on pay-per-view, boxing lost.  He also knows that non-traditional headliners in the UFC have outsold him on PPV.   He’s quick to point out that his fights with De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton were major successes but that was because of his opponents’ fan base and not his own.  So when he claims he gets better treatment in the UK it’s also because he doesn’t act like an imbecile when he’s there.  He plays up to them with flattery as he did with that horribly loud UK flag jacket he wore during the European press tour.  It’s all as orchestrated as the typical stare down at weigh-ins.

He knows he lost his status as the #1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world to Manny Pacquiao.  He lost many fans due to his dreary defensive style to the all-action two-fisted tornado that is Pacquiao.  He says you can knock his talent but it’s a knock against him because his talent isn’t enough to keep the public’s interest.  He finds himself 2nd banana again and in his twisted mind he thinks using perhaps the most controversial topic in America to make him a PPV magnet.  It’ll work on the simple-minded easily entertained few, but the larger portion of the PPV market scoffs at it.

Obviously Mayweather does not want to realize we as fans have evolved in not to be suckered by his hollow racial damning. It’s a tired act and I believe Floyd knows this.  He’s desperate so he’ll say anything as fight night nears to sustain his fledging sport and livelihood.  The saying goes, “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”.  When it comes to Floyd believe absolutely nothing.


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