NFL Week 2 Throwdown

NFL Week 2 Throwdown

Another exciting week of football is now in the books so let’s take a look at the interesting headlines of week 2:

  • Drew Brees is from another planet.  It’s hard not to mention the Saints in all the Superbowl discussions.
  • The Eagles are actually considering putting Michael Vick ahead of Jeff Garcia on the QB depth chart. Crazy.
  • Will the real Tom Brady please stand up?  Or can he get a running game going for some much needed balance?
  • Rex Ryan swears that the Jets’ win was not a fluke.
  • Why is everybody talking about Kurt Warner’s 92% completion percentage last week?   Like going 24-for-26 is really hard to do?
  • The Rams have already begun packing their bags for relocation to London.
  • Tony Gonzalez has found the NFL’s fountain of youth.  My dark horse Falcons pick isn’t looking too comical now does it?
  • The Lions cannot sell out and I’m left wondering why?
  • Signing a 40-year-old quarterback to make your team a contender is the new black.  Jeff George, you may get a call buddy.
  • Go ahead and buy your lottery tickets now.  The Bengals actually beat a good football team, the Packers, on the road.
  • Was that really Matt Schaub?
  • The best thing in K.C is still the barbecue.
  • Bail on a misdemeanor gun charge: $10K.  Lawyer fees for appeal:  $15K.  80 hours of community service: $0.  20/20 hindsight of allowing a potential stud like Fred Jackson make a case to take your starting job:  priceless.
  • The Jay Culter-Kyle Orton talk may get a little interesting now.
  • America rejoiced when the Cowboys lost their home opener in their new stadium.  I know I did.
  • The new approach to beating the Colts is not to allow Peyton Manning to touch the ball at all.
  • Chad Pennington forgot that last shot Hail Mary passes are supposed to be high and up for grabs; not line drive laser passes.
  • Ray Lewis put on a linebacker clinic in San Diego.  Did you take notes Merriman?
  • Mike Singletary’s old school approach of swiftly kicking his team’s asses seems to be working in San Francisco.  There’s nothing wrong with a little tough love now is there Vernon Davis?

And there you have it.  Holla back…if you hear me.


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