Get Over It Packer Nation. Stop The Hating.

Brett Favre may have a new address this season but he’ll forever go down as a Packer.

Brett Favre may have a new address this season but he’ll forever go down as a Packer.

It has been a long time coming but unlike most long awaited match ups this one will certainly exceed the hype.  In case you’ve been lost in a parallel universe or something then you’re fully aware that Brett Favre’s Minnesota Vikings will host the Green Bay Packers and the man that they foolishly chose over him:  Aaron Rodgers.  This has been a golden storyline for the NFL for two seasons now and finally we’re going to get to see this all come to a head on Monday Night Football.

To the legions of Packers fans that are dismayed at the sight of Favre as a Viking, all I have to say is don’t hate on Brett Favre.  Hate on the Packers management.   More specifically GM Ted Thompson.

Favre can possibly deliver a killer blow to Packer Nation but I can’t blame him for wanting to do it but this is more than Favre wanting to prove the Packers wrong.  This is about Favre incontestable passion for the game of football.  The retribution motive is just a bonus.

The pride of Kiln, MS loves to play the game and that’s the only opportunity he’s ever asked for.  He even offered to compete for his old job.  How could anyone hate on that?

Favre was as iconic in the green & gold as Michael Jordan was in the red & black but he was willing to leave the colors that were familiar him in order to play the game he has loved since he was a boy.  Leaving the Packers was hard on Favre but not playing the game would be even harder.  So he took his ball and played elsewhere.  No foul, some harm but all love in the name of football.  How can anyone hate on that?

How many times have you heard Favre is like the little kid playing football on the sandlot?  It’s true; he plays with that child-like enthusiasm.  It’s why he plays today.  As ESPN’s Tom Jackson pointed out, he voluntarily ran 40 yards down the field to put a block on 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis.  It’s those small things that tell you why he chose to come back to play.   How many other $12 million quarterbacks, much less 40 year old quarterbacks, run downfield 40+ yards to try and take out someone like Willis so his teammate can gain a few more yards?  It’s the love of the game that drives him.  How can you hate on that?

Favre want his revenge too regardless of what he says at the press conferences.  I would too if I were in his shoes.  Most people would.  Favre was compiling great seasons year after year with substandard Packers teams.  In 2003, all he needed was a decent defense and they could have very well been in the Superbowl.  That defense should have never allowed that 4th & 26 in Philadelphia.  Had the franchise provided him with some balance, then all the momentum they were riding then would not have been wasted.  Favre was playing some of his best football yet the Packers management chose to ignore the gaping holes in their team.  Thompson wanted Favre out for some stupid reason.  Favre carried those teams further than what they were truly capable of.  That’s what great quarterbacks do.  They lift those around him forcing them to play above their means.  That’s what Favre did and how can you hate on that?

Fast forward to now and Favre has the unique opportunity of proving his old boss wrong.  Wouldn’t we all like to have that chance?  Wouldn’t we all love to show someone from our past that the wrongs you suffered at their hands would bite them in the ass some day?  Of course you would. Don’t lie to yourselves Packer Nation.  Vindication is something we all long for in our lives. Some of us never receive it in our lifetimes and Favre has a chance for it this week.  We should all be so lucky.  How can anyone hate on that?

Not to mention he was the best option for the team and yet they spit in his face anyway.  The same team Favre went 13-3 with and reached the NFC conference championship fell to 6-10 under Rodgers the following year.

Don’t hate Favre because his best opportunity to play football came with the Vikings.  All any athlete wants is the chance to play.  The Vikings gave Favre that along with a Superbowl caliber team.  It’s his right to come back if he wants to whereever wants to.  He wanted to return to the hallowed halls of Lambeau Field but they had him on the X-List.  Favre did not deserve that.  After all he revived the NFL’s most historic franchise and the Packers wouldn’t give him a second look.  The Vikings capitalized on the Packers’ mistake.  Favre seized the opportunity and who can blame him?  I can’t.  The Packers themselves can’t. That’s why they’re so pissed even though they’ll say otherwise.

Favre brought back the title to Titletown yet somehow the Packers and their fans forgot that.  You can hate the fact he plays for the Vikings but he just wants to play football.  That’s no reason to hate on him.  He could still be a Packer if it weren’t for the pompous Packers management.  That’s what you should be hating on; not Favre.  He just enjoys playing football and we all loved to watch him all these years.  So we all should just enjoy him another year because they don’t make ‘em like Favre anymore.  Good ‘ole Brett Favre doesn’t re-write history, he lives it.  How can you hate on that?


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