Mailbag: Brady Bashing

Randy Moss knows the best has yet to come from Tom Brady and so should you.

Randy Moss knows the best has yet to come from Tom Brady and so should you.

I have a question to ask you people:  what are they putting in the water where you live?  I know there are plenty of haters out there for countless reasons and players but what is really going on here?  What am I talking about?  I’m talking about my boy Tom Brady.  I checked my mailbag and I was overwhelmed by the Brady hate mail.  I’m as big of a Brady fan as anybody so I’m perplexed at the crap spewing out of people’s mouths about him.  It’s not all Brady so I thought I’d share my mailbag and break it down for you all:

“Dallas, did you see Brady babying about a roughing the passer call. The defensive guy was apparently in momentum to tackle Brady. Brady let go then babied about the call…let the players play football. It is a contact sport. The reality is that he isn’t as good as he was…”


Oakland, CA

I did see the play unfold but I didn’t see Brady baby about anything.  Watch any game and just about every player with a hint of emotion running through his body will question, debate or alert an official regarding a call.  Also the referee saw it too.  It’s not like he threw the flag because Brady told him to.  Terrell Suggs was apparently pushed into Brady’s legs and reflecting on what happened to him its ok is he’s a little jumpy when someone lunges at his knees.  Brady didn’t see Suggs being pushed he just saw someone coming at his million dollar knees.  A foul is a foul and the referee saw a foul.  Plenty of times defensive players are called for ticktack fouls but rules are rules.  The rules are meant to protect the players and the Ravens are upset because they wanted to get to Brady so bad they can taste it.  He does that to your defense because he is so good.  Plus why is he not as good as he was?  He’s winning and every week standing in the pocket firing the ball like he did before.  He’s coming along nicely and if he’s putting up 278 yards and 2TDs against the famed Ravens defense at say 80%, then imagine what he’ll do when he’s 100%?  Football is not like riding a bicycle.  It’s going to take some time and he’s coming along nicely.  Shall I remind you Rome was not built in a day?

He could be 100% but he is a too-good-for-the-team-doctor jackass went his own way and FUCKED up like the celebrity he was trying to be instead of a fucking ball player!  If he was anybody else on Earth you would be saying the same shit.  He acted like a bitch that needs his own entourage of doctors. Whatever. Look, your boy should act like a ball player and not like a celebrity bitch. Case closed.”


Slidell, LA

Brady was in a position he was not accustomed to. He had never been seriously injured and he went for a little familiarity.  No one likes to be out of their comfort zone and people criticize Brady for going with a family doctor but the team doctors are employees of the organization.  Their main interest is that of the team and not of the player.  Team doctors aren’t the most moral of professionals so Brady thought he was doing something that was better for him in the long term.  I cannot fault him for that.  He seems to have done pretty well so far with his return.  You say he’s acting like a celebrity I say he took action of his own injury and more important his future after football.

I was honestly giving him a chance this year. I thought I have disliked him for so long let me give him a chance.  I did and even rooted for him.  That has gone out of the window.  My hatred has resumed full force…”


Sarasota, FL

Why are you giving up on Brady?  He’s 3-1 and he’s looking better every day.  The only thing I can think is that this must be fantasy related.  We have become critical of players whose stats don’t shake things up in the fantasy world.  He’s not putting up touchdowns like he did in ’07 but he’s putting up the most important stat and that’s wins.  I read the backlash against him because of his fantasy let down but if you step out of that mind set for a second you’ll see he’s doing what he has always done…the only thing that matters and that’s winning football games.

Brett Favre has shot down criticism from his ’08 campaign with the Jets thanks to a stellar start to this season that includes a monumental win over his former team the Green Bay Packers.

Brett Favre has shot down criticism from his ’08 campaign with the Jets thanks to a stellar start to this season that includes a monumental win over his former team the Green Bay Packers.

“Didn’t he (Favre) take a snap for the Jets last season?  Maybe you should add that material regarding his not-so-great comeback season or mix-up with the Jets, compared to a new career with the Vikings. Perhaps Minnesota is more poised to make a Superbowl appearance than last year’s Jets but last season was lingering in my mind…so knock on wood Vikings fans that he doesn’t tear any more muscles, etc.”


Chalmette, LA

Favre was playing very well last season up until he tore the bicep muscle in his throwing arm.  It was simply a matter of not being physically healthy in regards to his fading down the stretch last season more precisely the last 4 games. His resurgence in the Monday Night game against the Packers proves that. Plus the Jets fiasco is almost an afterthought because after all Favre wanted to do since leaving the Packers is play for the Vikings.  The Jets mess was just buying him time to do so.  All the talk about Favre versus the Packers has rarely mentioned the Jets season.  He just jumped at the chance of playing football because he was afraid of sitting out a whole season.  Football is a year round job and if you lose the feel of the game then it can pass you by.  Favre wanted to play for the Vikings because it was an offense that he was familiar with and could jump in with few hurdles to jump.  The Jets scheme was completely different than what Favre was operating out of Green Bay for the previous 16 seasons.  He was clearly a fish out of water and since has redeemed himself yet again with a good start this season there is no reason to mention the Jets debacle.  We can excuse the 2008 season because he’s proven it was merely an obstacle in the road to Minnesota which so far looks like a genius move on Favre’s part.

Thanks for emailing me your comments and questions.  Keep ‘em coming.  It’s a long season so there will be plenty to discuss.  Good or bad, let’s hear it.  Thanks for the continued support and looking forward to answering more questions from my mailbag.


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