NFL Week 4 Throwdown

  • The Chargers ought to try and score early rather than wait till the last possible moment every single game.
  • The 49ers are just flat out mean.  Why did they have to do that to the poor Rams?
  • Kyle Orton is the baddest man in the AFC West.  The Broncos are 4-0 so when do they get their respect?  Is it on lay-away or something?
  • Jerry Jones still thinks that super-sized megatron television screens are more important than putting together a good football team.
  • The wildcat offense is still running wild in Miami.  Hell if Ricky Williams can run for 85 yards and a touchdown while sober then it must still be working.  I guess good stats are his high these days.  Yeah I don’t believe that bit either.
  • The Saints defense was the 1st this season to make Mark Sanchez actually look like a rookie.  Where did Pierre Thomas come from?   Is Reggie taking Man Up 101 classes yet?  Oh and the defense won the game for them in case you were still suspect of them being able to win without the offense being on point.
  • Shut your pie holes fantasy owners.  Brady is getting better and looking more like himself.  He’s winning and that’s all that matters.  Not your stupid fantasy points.
  • Is JaMarcus Russell not one of the worst quarterbacks you’ve ever seen?  Hell Ryan Leaf put up better numbers than Russell.  Ooooh, stick!
  • The Titans are sucking more than Jenna Jameson these days and Jeff Fischer still won’t play Vince Young.  It goes to show he’s a smart coach.
  • The Buccaneers may make the “Inside the NFL” highlights since they were essentially competitive in a game this past week.  The flip side is that the Redskins allowed the Bucs to be in the game.  Ugh.
  • Matt Cassel’s nickname ought to be “Garbage Time” because that’s the only time when he actually does anything.
  • Peyton Manning makes everything look too easy.  I found myself questioning if the Bears really struggled as much as they did last week against the same team because Manning and his Colts’ beat down of the ‘Hawks was almost effortless.
  • Things are looking up in Cleveland with Derek Anderson finding his game again.  It was lost in ’08.  Now if Braylon Edwards could stop punching little guys in the face in his off time and focus more on football then they might actually win a game.  Edwards needs to enroll himself in the Big Brother Program.  Maybe someone out there can teach him how to act.
  • The Ravens squawk every time they lose to the Patriots.  Ray Lewis always talks about being a man in the NFL but he sure does whine a lot when things don’t go his way.  Not very manly Ray.
  • Jay Cutler said he has a bigger arm than John Elway but his leaping helicopter impressions still needs some work.
  • Ben Roesthlisberger was hanging with DX on Monday Night Raw but it was Brett Favre who got to say “suck it” to the Green Bay front office.
  • Usually I keep my comments about each game or team to a single bullet point but after watching a vintage Favre performance against the Packers I just gotta add that Favre pissed on the Packers like we hoped he would.  Good news for Aaron Rodgers is that Favre can’t play forever right?  Or can he?

2 Responses to “NFL Week 4 Throwdown”

  1. Right on. Russell sucks. He is worse than sucks. cassell made a huge mistake going to KC.

    • Dallas O'Malley Says:

      I’ve never understood the hype surrounding JaMarcus Russell. Everybody made such a huge deal of him throwing a ball 40 yards downfield sitting on the turf. That doesn’t mean jack when assessing at a star quarterback. Yet that’s almost all you heard about Russell. Once you’re on your ass the play is over so throwing a ball 40 yards doesn’t amount to anything. He’s also very sloppy. Not becoming of a star quarterback.

      Cassel should have stayed put but I guess if someone was throwing that money in my face I would jump too. Hopefully he bounces back. I wish him the best.

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