NFL Throwdown Week 6

  • Who dat say gonna beat them Saints? Not the Giants. Who dat! Who dat! Too bad that the overly critical Troy Aikman fails to give the Saints credit for smashing the Giants.  Aikman suggests the Giants were overrated.  I suggest Aikman forgot that the Giants won the Superbowl 2 years ago, were the #1 seed last year and the favorite to represent the NFC this year.  The Saints are the best in the NFC point blank despite the grumblings coming from Minnesota.
  • In Favre we trust.  His 58 yard perfect clutch throw in the 4th quarter set up the winning score and also notched his 41st 4th quarter comeback.  Favre’s resurgence has it feeling like it’s 1998 all over again.   Except with much more gray hair.
  • I wonder if Ray Lewis & Ed Reed will cry that it’s not fair that Favre and Peterson are on the same team.
  • Derek Anderson improved from his week 5 outing of 2-for-17 passing to 9-for24 this week.  A-Rod’s postseason batting average is higher than Anderson’s completion percentage.   With quarterback play like this it makes you wonder if Brady Quinn was really doing that bad.
  • Like I said before when bad football teams meet (Panthers vs. Bucs, Chiefs vs. Redskins & Rams vs. Jaguars) the end result are some very compelling football games.  (Panthers, Chiefs and Jags all narrowly won their games)
  • The Bengals’ roar was reduced to a meow as the Texans clipped the cats’ current streak.  The Texans went from almost winning to actually winning.  Something has to be said about that.
  • How in the hell can the Eagles’ defense allow sad ass JaMarcus Russell to do that to them?  Then the high-flying offense was shot down by a pathetic Raiders defense.  On any given Sunday anything can happen but there is no excuse for that is there?   C’mon man, it’s the Raiders!
  • Donald Driver rewrote the Packers record books, as he is now officially the most prolific receiver in the team’s history. That is the only noteworthy news that came from their 26-0 shellacking of the helpless Lions.
  • Apparently last week’s return of Matt Hasselbeck was just a mirage because he didn’t show up this week.
  • The Cardinals wanted to remind the 49ers that the NFC West is still a 2 horse race.
  • Rex Ryan’s Jets crashed and burned for the 3rd straight week.  The little black box said that their 3-0 start was mere beginner’s luck.
  • The Titans scrimmaged the Patriots, which was good because Brady was looking to fine tune his still rusty skills.
  • If you wondered what it would take for Vince Young to finally get some action then your question was answered this week.  The answer is a 52-0 deficit.  Things are looking up for Young though and it may only take another 6 weeks for some playing time when the Titans play the Colts on the road.
  • Jay Cutler is kicking himself in the ass.
  • Matty Ice and the Falcons are staying as close as they can to the Saints. Tony Gonzalez is wondering why he didn’t leave K.C. sooner.
  • The Broncos stampeded through the Chargers.  Josh McDaniels is a genius.  Mike Nolan was not a good head coach but he is an excellent defensive coordinator. Even with all their success people still tend to label them this year’s Titans. Is Hatorade the nation’s favorite drink these days?
  • Was it me or was it really nice not to be subjected to another Dallas Cowboys game in primetime?  It was even better not to have a Cowboys game at all.

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