Mailbag: Tossing the Pigskin

This is repulsive and paltry all at the same time.

This is repulsive and paltry all at the same time.


Love your columns so I figured I’d drop you a line and hope you’d comment. Are you as sick as I am of the throwback uniforms? Hey Commish, I get it it’s the 50th anniversary season. And I get the NFL is a business but stop trying to suck the fans dry with merchandise sales and get back to Football. Hey if I want to see the Broncos and the Jets duel it out I don’t want to feel as though I’m watching Oregon vs. Boise St on that god damn blue field. Enough is enough!”

– Super Dave

Chalmette, LA

I could not agree more, Dave. Roger Goodell does have a business to run but he can tone down the NFL Shop propaganda. He should be satisfied with the fact that his hard working American fans continue to spend their disposable income on his product during these trying times. You’re 100% right that all the throwback uniforms used for games is more about the commercial aspect than respecting the history of the game. Why else during those throw back games the first commercial you see during the break are the NFL Shop commercials showcasing “the average” fan in retro NFL apparel? It’s disgusting. While other major sports have seen their numbers decline over the past decade the NFL has grown exponentially. Apparently the NFL is not content with being the biggest sport in the land until they suck all they can out of the paying customer. Plus some of those uniforms are flat out hideous. Seeing them once was enough for me. It’s like you said, “Let’s get back to football”. Well put my friend.

There are a lot of teams that wish they had a guy like Bush to make big time plays such as this.

There are a lot of teams that wish they had a guy like Bush to make big time plays such as this.

Reggie (Bush) sucks. Pierre Thomas is coming up big after Deuce’s departure. Like Deuce, Thomas is a power runner you need late in the game. Reggie couldn’t take it up the middle if his life depended on it. The very few times he has done it the hole was big enough for my 80 year grandfather to run through without being touched. He has to have an open path to the outside to get any kind of yards. His big expectations didn’t last long. Instead of doing commercials with Jared for Subway I think he should be a spokesman for Butterfinger with the performances he’s been putting on lately. Pierre Thomas is an up and coming back and not a pansy like Reggie. He’s better than Reggie by a mile. He’s been taking more of Reggie’s playing time and Reggie is becoming expendable.”


Picayune, MS

Bush has already been exposed as someone who cannot ever be an every down back with his style of running. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he sucks though. He is an exceptional athlete and Sean Payton has recently utilized him as a situational back. As the season rolls on, then the playoffs, watch how valuable of an asset he’ll become. Payton will work him into a role that will cause problems for opposing defenses. Just like today in the Dolphins game. Reggie on the reverse was golden and how about that 5 yard leap for the pylon? It’s those kinds of plays that will make people accept him as a role player. Those overhyped expectations that preceded him out of USC are rarely ever realized. Regardless he is still special player and certainly not expendable.

The real issue with Bush is that he appears to have gotten soft. That is the Kim Kardashian effect. Although Pierre Thomas is not the sole reason the Saints have a power running game this season. You also have to thank Mike Bell for that. Unlike other running back combinations, Thomas and Bell are sharing a more even split of the carries than more conventional tailback duos. With both Bell & Thomas the Saints have been able to not miss Deuce as much.


3 Responses to “Mailbag: Tossing the Pigskin”

  1. Well for once, Dallas, we may not quite see eye-to-eye. Louis said it best with “Reggie sucks.” Sure he is good for those two or three plays a year that the NFL photographers catch oh-so-perfectly but the fact remains your boy needs to learn how to run north and not just east and west. I understand that shit worked in his college days but this is not college. This is the NFL. Those picture perfect three plays a year isn’t worth the money he is getting paid.

    You use the example of the reverse and the 5 yard leap to the end zone but there is something common in both of those plays. He was running along the sidelines. I am starting to think the sideline is some what of a comfort zone. A baby blanket if you will. With the sidelines next to him he only has to worry about people coming form one side of him. He can try to hurdle his defenders and put the after burners on to beat those around him. Put him anywhere else on the field where he may have defenders coming from either side…well you know what happens there.

    Stop all the fancy ballet leaps, sommersaults, and hurdles. But your head down, COVER the dam ball, pump those legs, and run through the DAMN pile.

    • Dallas O'Malley Says:

      Shannon, Reggie is not going to change his running style. It’s too much to ask at this stage in his career. He has always been an outside runner and always will be. It’s not a simple mechanics issue like Tiki Barber had when he was fumbling every week. Trying to make Reggie run north-south was a failed project. There is no need to revisit. Sean Payton realizes his talents and instead of putting Bush in a position to fail, he is designing plays for him to excel even if it’s only a couple of plays a game. It is far better for Bush to gain 30 yards on a few special plays versus racking up 40 yards on 25 carries for trying to go up the middle.

      The real argument is whether Reggie sucks as a football player. Not that he is undeserving of his salary. His contract was his given right as a #2 draft pick. Many who were 1st round picks like Bush contributed far less to their teams than Bush has to the Saints. The Saints are getting their money’s worth. Here are some prime examples of why: Ki-Jana Carter, Blair Thomas & Lawrence Phillips. Believe me the Saints aren’t complaining because they know that Bush isn’t like those three former 1st round picks. Whenever it comes to a 1st round pick it’s always a high risk-high reward situation. Although he doesn’t put up the numbers that is expected with a #2 pick overall, the Saints know he could have been far, far worse.

  2. Dallas, You are quickly becoming my idol… Why does it seem that NFL fans think Reggie sucks but the porfessional sportscasters, the guys we look to for insight on football and who to start or sit in fantasy football understand Reggie’s role and have never said he sucks. Hey NFL Fans, Reggie is not a featured back, he wasnt in college and hes not going to be in the NFL. He is the best at his role, which is a situational back or complimentary back. I for one am a huge Reggie Bush fan, maybe i’m smarter than the average guy, or maybe im just not so blind to realize what he really is and what he is capable of. As far as staying near the sideline, take a look at all the greats, the sideline is an asset, not a baby blanket. Oh and that 6 yard leap for the touchdown in sundays game, God Damn impressive. Run Reggie run!!!

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