NFL Throwdown Week 7

  • Joining Vernon Davis in the “Back From the Dead Club” is Alex Smith.  He played great in a surprise appearance against the Texans.  A late rally against the Texans is nothing to sneer at.  Hopefully Smith can continue where he left on off on Sunday and keep himself out of the Ryan Leaf and Andre Ware conversations.
  • The Texans are finally realizing their potential and did so by staying healthy.  Then Andre Johnson gets hurt.  Kevin Walter go ahead and pinch yourself.  You’re the #1 receiver now.
  • The Packers got their confidence builder before their rematch with Favre & the Vikings by demolishing the Browns.  Let’s start a pool on when Derek Anderson will complete at least 50% of his passes.
  • The NFL’s biggest studio gangster, Larry Johnson, rips head coach after another embarrassing loss.  LJ tweeted (funny how all these tough guys tweet their thoughts instead of coming out and dealing with the issue head on) that the coach is too inexperienced for the job.  Maybe he needs to reflect on his 2.7 yards a carry and take care of his job before worrying about someone else’s.
  • The Colts and Rams…ah you already know what happened here.
  • Someone needs to explain the difference between a trip and pass blocking to the referees of the Vikings-Steelers game.
  • The Patriots travel across the pond to route the Bucs in a game that wasn’t all that impressive for their part.  At least with the upcoming bye week they can regroup and play like the team we all remember.
  • The best highlight of the Jets-Raiders game was Mark Sanchez trying to be smooth and snack on a hot dog during the game.  It was even better than JaMarcus Russell finally getting benched.
  • The Bills beat the Panthers.  Not even T.O cares.
  • Carson Palmer is a showoff.  At least that’s what Jay Cutler said anyway.
  • The Eagles get a sloppy win over the lackluster Redskins and the ESPN crew continues to kiss Donovan McNabb’s ass.
  • The Saints let any doubt about them to rest with one of the biggest comebacks in team history against the Dolphins.
  • You know Ricky Williams laid off the wacko tobacco last week so he could focus on getting back at the Saints with a solid game.  It was all for nothing, Ricky.  You go back to burning now.
  • Damn the Cowboys.  Better yet damn the Falcons for allowing the Cowboys to give the sports media something positive to say about them.
  • The Cardinals won the most boring Sunday night game of the season thus far over the Giants.



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