Pass the Mic


Golberg & Rogan neither look nor sound the part of a quality broadcasting duo.

“The Ultimate Fighter” series got it right by broadcasting fights with raw sound clips.  There is no noise from an audience. The sounds from the arena mainly consist of the combatants’ teammates yelling words of encouragement.  The absolute best thing about TUF, above anything else, is that there are no commentators to jabber on pointlessly during the fight.

Those of us who forked over $50 for UFC104 were afflicted to listening to Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg sound like a couple of high school girls with a crush for Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

Rogan and Goldberg were not at all objective for Machida-Rua.  Their support was clearly in favor of Shogun.  Machida-Rua was not the brutal display of disciplined violence that was anticipated, although you wouldn’t know that by listening to Rogan & Goldberg.

Rogan and Goldberg showered Rua with praise in every exchange with Machida.  It could have been because Rua actually kinked Machida’s seemingly invincible armor or maybe because the UFC wants Anderson Silva to move up to light heavyweight.  Silva said he would not commit to a run at light heavyweight as long as his teammate and good friend, Lyoto Machida, was champion.  With Shogun as champ, it would open the flood gates for the Spider to run through that division as well.

I really don’t want to go the whole conspiracy route, but nothing is lamer than Rogan and Goldberg’s calling the action for the UFC.  The UFC should hire HBO’s Jim Lampley and Larry Merchant to help polish Rogan and Goldbergs’s skills.  In fact any major boxing broadcasting team could teach these 2nd rate hacks how to properly call a fight.  Both of them should drop their pom-poms and cheerleading act. It’s pitiful and they sound like a couple of bitches.

There are two sides to every fight.  Both sides should be heard.  Every person who steps in the cage deserves the same amount of respect as the other.  Rogan and Goldberg should be thrown in the cage as a painful reminder of that every athlete deserves a fair shake.


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