NFL Throwdown Week 8

  • Slippery Slaton got benched and low and behold someone named Ryan Moats ran over the Bills to notch the win for the suddenly over .500 Texans.
  • The Rams beat the Lions! The Rams beat the Lions! In other news…the Rams beat the Lions!
  • The Bears defense actually allowed the Browns to score 6 points. How pathetic is that?
  • The Cowboys and Eagles always do well in the middle of the season so there is no need to revisit them.  Unless you want to talk about Austin Miles failed goalpost dunk attempt.  Priceless.
  • Joseph Addai led the Colts in touchdown passes and they still won. Peyton Manning’s “off” game of 347 yards shows how far he set himself from everyone else.
  • Alex Smith fought Manning every step of the way and refused to go away quietly.  His 49ers put up a fight against the Manning’s Colts. He is moving along nicely.  There is much to be excited about in San Francisco.
  • The Jets hold both Ronnie Brown & Ricky Williams to under 50 yards collectively and Mark Sanchez easily outplays Chad Henne, and they still lost.  How did that happen?
  • The Panthers found their 2008 playbook and used it to beat up the Cardinals on the road.
  • Apparently Chris Johnson is really good.
  • LT had a vintage 2 TD performance on Sunday.  Did I mention it was against the Raiders?
  • We all knew the Broncos would lose eventually so is it that surprising that they lost on the road to the Ravens. I think not.
  • Brett Favre…what else can we say about him?  He thrashed his old team again and pissed in their cornflakes by pretty much locking up the division.   It serves the unappreciative Lambeau fans right too.  There is no room on the Favre’s stage for Aaron Rodgers and Co.
  • The Falcons, and a primetime national audience, discovered how good the current New Orleans Saints really are.

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