Fedor vs. Rogers Aftermath

Marloes Coenen vs. Roxanne Modaferri

Oh, that’s right Scott Coker featured this in the prelims therefore you missed Marloes Coenen’s 65 second eradication of Roxanne Modaferri.  Coenen likely earned a title shot but it will bring little buzz since no one got to see what she has in store for Cyborg.

Gerard Mousasi vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

Mousasi was never in any real danger against Sokoudjou.  Sokoudjou gets his props for fairing much better than anyone expected, but Mousasi put the “jungle fighter” to sleep before any real expectations of an upset could occur.  With an anemic light heavyweight division it will be interesting to see what “The Dream Catcher’s” future holds.

Middleweight Championship – Miller vs. Shields

Miller vs Shields

“Mayhem” Miller delivered all the action in his fight against Jake Shields.

What many believed could be the fight of the night led to a dreary 25-minute snooze fest.  Almost as disappointing was the much hyped cage entrance for Jason “Mayhem” Miller.  The priest robe and dancing were almost as dreadful as the fight itself.

The monotonous action was no fault of Miller’s who delivered the fight’s few stirring moments.  Both men had their advantages and clearly Shields’ wrestling outweighed Miller’s striking.  Shields did what was necessary to earn a decision although he did not win anyone over with this performance.  The awkward ground positioning forced in the match most certainly caused viewers at home to flip to the UFC’s counter broadcast.  Miller deserves credit for doing more on the bottom than Shield did in a dominant position.  He is the true winner of this fight although this match did nothing to phase Dana White one bit about his apparent competition.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers

Fedor vs Rodgers

Fedor left Rogers a crumbled heap and again walked away victoriously.

All hail Fedor. The public wanted an entertaining fight and they got it in Fedor vs. Rogers.  Brett Rogers was game and even had his moments in the fight but his refusal to give Fedor any credit in his post-fight interview deserved another overhand right from hell.  He bloodied and banged Fedor but never had him in any real trouble.  Fedor has seen it all and once he figured Rogers out then Rogers’ night was over.  No premature stoppage as Rogers claims as you could see when his eyes glazed over when he hit the mat. Big John McCarthy is the best in the business and made the right call.  Fedor crushed Rogers with a single right hook so had he been allowed to continue then Rogers’ wife may not have recognized him after the fight.  Strikeforce needs to strike while the iron is hot and put Fedor next in line for champion Alistair Overeem.


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