NFL Throwdown Week 9

  • Note to Jerry Porter:  making the Patriots mad with useless trash talk is not the right way to approach the game.  They will make you pay for it as they already did.
  • Tom Brady is steadily improving and his 3-1 TD-to INT ratio is impressive and yet no one is talking about it.  Is the media blind to his brilliance?
  • How bad are things for Aaron Rodgers?  First he gets pimp slapped by the legend he is trying to replace then he can’t beat the lowly Bucs giving them their 1st win of the season.  Packer Nation is not saying it, but you know they are wishing a certain #4 would have never been forced out.
  • Larry Johnson may not be that stupid after all. He got himself ousted before he had to endure another embarrassing loss.  This time to the Jags.
  • No, LJ really is that dumb. He forgot playing in the NFL is a privilege.
  • Matt Ryan struggling?  Who spews this nonsense?  The Falcons are still flying high even if the coach fights with opposing players.
  • Hall of Famer John Riggins was dead on with his assessment of the lost fundamentals in the game by today’s players.  He might have been right about the Redskins too for that matter.
  • The Bengals are for real and the Ravens just teased us.
  • The Texans challenged the Colts and they have closed the distance between them and their division rivals.  The Colts’ Jim Caldwell is the most worthless coach I have ever seen.  How did he get that job anyway?
  • Matt Schaub has already thrown for a career high in season touchdown passes.  The running back merry-go-round keeps going with Slaton apparently reinstated as the starter.
  • Even when things are going well for the Lions, they tend to always find a way to give games away.  Their fans deserve some kind of kick back for supporting them.
  • The Seahawks and Bears are things of the past.
  • What happened to the 49ers?
  • For the 1st time the Saints start off 8-0 and looking like they might clinch the division and the conference by week 12 or 13.  The only knock on the Saints is that they tell their secrets too much.  Don’t tell people the magic in your Kool-Aid.  Giving them too much insight will to disaster and disappointment.
  • The Giants can’t win these days.  Not even when there is only 21 seconds left on the clock.  Phillip Rivers may not have a ring but he got the last laugh against the guy the Chargers negotiated for.  The ring counts for more though Phillip.  So don’t let it get to your head like everything else does.
  • The Cowboys are back on top of the NFC and no one really cares which begs to wonder why they keep getting all the primetime slots?
  • Michael Vick wants out of Philly.  Hell I don’t blame him.
  • The gig is up.  The Broncos lost 2 in a row and just like last year, they see the Chargers running up on them in the rear view mirror.  No not déjà vu.  It’s the 21st century Broncos.  New coach & talent.  Same results.

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