Media Lacks Respect For Cotto

Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto will partake in the biggest boxing event of the year tonight.  It’s not often when a boxing match generates this kind of attention but Pacquiao-Cotto has done just that.  Everyone from Donald Trump to Mike Tyson, is making their pick. Some like Manny’s speed and whirlwind punching and others prefer the stalking and bruising style of Cotto.  While Pacquaio is the popular choice to win, it needs to be said that Cotto is being seriously underestimated.


Cotto beat the grease off of Mosley and could very well do the same against Pacquiao.

With all the questions surrounding the fight it begs to wonder why is Miguel Cotto being so badly overlooked?  Why is he such the 2nd banana in this fight that even Bob Arum snubbed his arrival in Las Vegas?  When did he become the Rodney Dangerfield of boxing?

What hasn’t been addressed enough is that Manny Pacquiao’s toughest contests have been against lesser skilled and smaller men than Miguel Cotto.  Since arriving on the big stage Pacman has thrashed his opponents with extreme prejudice.  The exceptions have been Erik Morales, who beat Pacquiao, and Juan Manuel Marquez who took Manny to the edge in two highly debated matches.

Neither Erik Morales nor Juan Manuel Marquez are as big, strong and talented as Cotto.  Marquez gave Pacquiao his hardest fought battles to date, yet those fights took place 15 lbs lighter than this welterweight contest.  Pacquiao has never been hit by a true welterweight.  Yes, Manny retired Oscar De La Hoya in his welterweight debut but DLH was exceedingly dehydrated, not to mention well past his prime.  Oscar could no longer  “pull the trigger” as Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach pointed out.  He was a standing piñata while Pacquiao beat on him.  “The Golden Boy” was reduced to being a flesh and bone heavy bag for Pacquiao to showcase his skills on.


Pacquiao clobbered Hatton but Cotto is a completely different animal.

Pacquiao will not have the same luxury when he steps in with Cotto.  Cotto has fought the elite of his division and beaten them all with the exception of the loaded glove bandit Antonio Margarito.  He was battered against Margarito but he managed to endure intense punishment.  There is no reason to doubt that Margarito hits harder than Pacquiao.  Many doubt that Cotto has put the loss behind him and his critics are quick to point out his last fight against Joshua Clottey as proof.  Clottey is one tough son-of-a-bitch and it’s hard to look spectacular against such a strong opponent.  The bottom line is that Cotto was cut bad early in the fight and willed his way to a decision.  His technique may be off but his will to win is still in tact.

Yes, Manny is fast and strong but Cotto has seen it all before. Cotto dealt with Shane Mosley’s trademark speed, and won.  He defeated a quality southpaw in Zab Judah before he became a record padder.  Cotto’s wins against Mosley, Judah and Clottey are more impressive than Pacquiao’s wins over an overmatched Ricky Hatton and an aging dehydrated corpse in Oscar De La Hoya.  Pacquaio’s wins over Hatton and De La Hoya were impressive but if Cotto’s accomplishments have been diminished by the media, than Pacman’s career defining wins should be as well.

Each man has their advantages and each also has the ability to win the fight.  A case can be made for either Pacquiao or Cotto, but the 3-1 odds against Cotto are flabbergasting.  With the biggest fight of his career Cotto may have gotten his last weapon from his detractors…added motivation.  Cotto is focused and will put on a spectacular performance win or lose.

Manny Pacquiao is a great fighter and one of the absolute best of all-time regardless of era.  Miguel Cotto is also one of the world’s best and once tonight’s fight is over, we’ll have a newfound respect for both men and not just one of them.


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