NFL Throwdown Week 10

  • There is no doubt who came out better in the Cutler-Broncos debacle.
  • Vince Young is 3-0 in his return as a starter and don’t get too excited because its been against some pathetically weak opposition.
  • The Saints lucked out again and Drew Brees is suddenly looking very pedestrian in the pocket.  The magic plays continue to save them but the team needs to start putting teams away. Still undefeated but very vulnerable.
  • Chad Henne led the Dolphins to a win over the improving Buccaneers despite losing this greatest asset Ronnie Brown.  Henne, Williams and Ginn are coming around to helping out their elderly defense.
  • The Vikings cruised with a win over the lowly Lions in a game where they barely broke a sweat.  They are the best team in the NFC right now.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew broke fantasy owners hearts with his kneel down at the one but his heads up play set up the win for his team.  Then he apologizes for it to fantasy owners.  What’s not to like about this guy?  Too bad he plays for the Jags.
  • The Jets fall below .500 and the team that stunned the league in the beginning of the season is no longer around.  Maybe Mark Sanchez should sneak another hot dog during the game.  It might have to him what spinach is to Popeye.
  • Kyle Orton goes down and so do the Broncos for the 3rd straight game.
  • We are living in a parallel universe where the Panthers have become the Falcons and the Falcons have turned into the Panthers.
  • Mr. November, Tony Homo, didn’t live up to his 1st moniker and America rejoiced when the Cowboys were trounced by the Packers.
  • The good news for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers is that they don’t have to play Favre’s Vikings every week.
  • It was like 1973 all over again with the way the Chiefs & Raiders played each other and you know how bad 1973 was.
  • Apparently no one wants to take control of the NFC East.
  • LT surges Chargers past the Eagles and Kurt Warner is looking to break the Superbowl curse.
  • The Ravens & Browns put on a pitiful display for Monday Night Football in maybe the worst game ever.  All those muscles on Brady Quinn and Mangini won’t let him try a pass more than 5 yards?
  • In the dumbest coaching decision of the season, Bill Bellicheck put the Patriots 3.5 games out of contention for home field advantage.  Brady on the other hand thrashed the Colts secondary and is getting more dangerous every week.  This time it’s for real.
  • Can’t be too impressed with the Colts’ win as it was more Bellicheck’s blunder than Manning’s brilliance.  Manning played a wonderful game but I can’t help but wonder how the game would have fared if the ball have been punted away.  The game itself left everyone hungry for their inevitable rematch in the playoffs.

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