NFL Throwdown Week 11

  • The Dallas Cowboys are the worst team with a 7-3 record.
  • Ricky Williams, yes that Ricky Williams, scored 3 touchdowns to put the Dolphins firmly back in the wildcard hunt.
  • The Panthers are almost there.  Almost there.
  • The Redskins change their coach and they still suck.  Maybe Dan Schneider should be listen to what John Riggins has to say.
  • The most exciting game of the week came from the lowly Lions and the even lower Browns.  Matt Stafford makes history as the 1st rookie to toss 5TDs in a game.  What was most impressive is how he manned up and threw the game winning TD after injuring his shoulder the play before.
  • Maybe almost as impressive was the fact that Brady Quinn actually battled Stafford stroke for stroke in a who-da-thunk-it shoot out.
  • With Favre and the Vikings out of the way, the Packers are looking like a football team again with a 2nd win in a row.  With a decent remaining schedule it’s ok for Packers fans to start talking playoffs.
  • I know Ben Roethlisberger got hurt, but how in the hell did the Steelers lose to the Chiefs?!  Where there any riots following the Chief’s victory?  If not then should have been.
  • Even though they have been on the wrong end of the scoreboard the last couple of game, the 49ers have plenty to be excited about considering their future.
  • When someone says coaching doesn’t weigh as much as talent, tell that to the Seattle Seahawks and see what they tell you.
  • Is it me or is Brett Favre getting better every week?  Is there any doubt that the Vikings are the team to beat in the NFC?  There shouldn’t be.
  • The Giants end their 4 game losing streak by beating the suddenly defunct Falcons.
  • The Jaguars have risen to 6-4 and no one has noticed.  Not even their hometown cares.  The most exciting thing for them is who won the office pool that week.
  • It’s week 11, another Bills’ loss and no T.O explosion?  What is really going on here?
  • The Cardinals beat the Rams.  Shocker.
  • Free Steven Jackson! Free Steven Jackson!  Get him out of St. Louis!  A good running back is a terrible thing to waste!
  • The Eagles crushed the Bears’ hopes of a playoff berth.
  • With Ja-Garbage Russell benched, the Raiders upset the Bengals.  Did the Cardiac Cats go into cardiac arrest this Sunday?
  • You can officially close the book on the Broncos…again.
  • Tom Brady and the Patriots are finally balancing their attack and they are the team to beat regardless of record.
  • The Colts edge out the Ravens to remain undefeated.  It doesn’t matter what happens to this team they always find a way to win.  Sounds like a championship team if you ask me.
  • The Saints won their 1st game in Tampa since the Jon Gruden era.  This was the tune up they needed as the Saints get ready to host his majesty, King Brady, and his Patriot army next week on Monday Night Football.
  • ESPN’s panel for MNF sucked the sweat off of Vince Young’s ass.  The real story of the game is that the Texans again couldn’t close the show and the primer for next Monday’s matchup of the Patriots and Saints.

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