Poll: Pacquiao-Mayweather Venue

New Orleans has not hosted a championship fight since Duran-Leonard II. With a historic fight on the horizon, it's time boxing returns to the Superdome where some very prominent contests have transpired.

When Robert Duran allegedly uttered the ill-famed words of “no mas” in his rematch with “Sugar” Ray Leonard, he said he was done with boxing that night.  Duran never actually said “no mas” and regardless of that what was said or not, it took Duran years to regain his credibility.  When Duran quit, so did the boxing community on New Orleans as a host site for big boxing title fights.  In the 29 years since that fateful night of November 25, 1980, “The Big Easy” has had a hard time landing a big time fight.  New Orleans has never again seriously been considered for a venue of a major championship fight…until now.

The megafight everyone has been waiting for, Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, has named “The Crescent City” as one of three possible sites for what is believed will be the biggest boxing event in history.  In the running with Louisiana’s Superdome is the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas (which has become boxing’s modern day Mecca) and Jerry Jones’ prized Cowboys Stadium.

It’s a sad truth but the Superdome is a serious underdog here.  Even Shaquille O’Neal could figure that one out.  The MGM Grand will host many more memorable fights in boxing’s future so they can miss out on this one. The real challenge will be beating out Cowboys Stadium.

Jerry Jones wants to present a boxing event in his new playhouse.  Top Rank’s Bob Arum wants to bring boxing back to outdoor stadiums.  Cowboys Stadium is the premiere sports coliseum in the world.  The Superdome is an outdated 34 yr old complex, which gives it only a puncher’s chance of winning this one.

Pacquiao-Mayweather is going to be a world-class event and not just an ordinary boxing match.  New Orleans knows a little something about showcasing an unforgettable experience unlike any other city in this great land.  When it comes to having a good time, no one does it better than New Orleans.  What the fight would lose in attendance, 100K in Cowboys Stadium vs. 67K in the Superdome, they would gain in an event as a whole.  Arlington, TX does not have anything to compete with the French Quarter.  All they have is massive television screens to brag about.  Jazz Fest would be the week before the original proposed date of May 1.  Visitors could come in early and catch 2 major affairs in the same week.  What you would do in either Las Vegas or Arlington the week of the fight you can do at any other time during the year.  If the fight comes to New Orleans paying fans can double dip their fun in a unique way.

Boxing is big enough to spread the wealth and New Orleans deserves this fight.  Jones will sure enough get his turn as will the MGM Grand.  It has also been said that the fight may be pushed back due to Pacquiao’s election on May 10, but even then New Orleans should still be the host site.   Some of the biggest fights in history have taken place in colorful locations such as Tokyo, Manilla and Zaire.  New Orleans is not as roughshod as those foreign metropolises but it certainly is the most enticing of the three cities in the running.  New Orleans Pacquaio-Mayweather would keep the city satisfied for another 29 years.


2 Responses to “Poll: Pacquiao-Mayweather Venue”

  1. Wigger McGavin Says:

    Hell yeah. It would be great to have that fight in New orleans.

  2. Hey – whats up. Thanks for the blog. I’ve been digging around for info, but there is so much out there. Google lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the great information. I will be coming back over here in a few days to see if there is updated posts.

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