NFL Throwdown Week 13

Favre: “Ok you got me this time but did you see the way I was playing before this game?”

  • How good is Vince Young?  Not good enough to beat Peyton Manning.  Then again who is these days?
  • Let’s welcome back the New York football Giants.
  • The Green Bay Packers are shaping up to potentially be the most dangerous team in January provided they clinch a playoff berth.  For the 2nd straight year Aaron Rodgers is having a Pro Bowl type of year but no one seems to notice.
  • Michael Vick’s 1st touchdown since being released from prison came against his old club the Falcons.  Talk about irony.
  • The Broncos & Chargers both won against weak teams and both will make the AFC West the hottest division in the conference.
  • Kurt Warner won the battle of the middle agers over Brett Favre.
  • The Patriots are in elite company along with the Texans and Jennifer Aniston. They have everything anybody could want but unable to close the deal and everybody wonders why.
  • The Raiders stole a victory from the Steelers and Bruce Gradkowski is suddenly 2-1 in his last 3 starts.
  • Mike Tomlin says his team is “average” but losing 4 in a row including 2 games to the Chiefs and the Raiders is actually below average to say the very least.
  • The Saints never gave up and like all great teams, they found a way to win.  Brees was relentless and flashed a brass set they way he aggressively attacked the Redskins’ defense in the clutch.  The Saints are becoming a team of destiny.

Robert Meachem scored a touchdown at the only time Sean Payton ever cheered when Drew Brees threw an interception.

The Steelers couldn’t hold on to Bruce Gradkowski and seemingly lost their grip on their playoff hopes.


One Response to “NFL Throwdown Week 13”

  1. The Saints got Lucky and i hear people downing them but i see a WIN a WIN 12-0 WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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