UFC107 Gets The Blood Pumping

After a series of ho-hum fight cards, the UFC is closing out 2009 with a hellacious show.  What started off as a disaster, UFC107:  Penn vs. Sanchez, should make up for the drab UFC PPV events of late.  If you’re not excited about this card then it’s about time you wake up.

Kenny Florian vs. Clay Guida

Florian's quest for another title shot begins by beating Clay Guida. He just has to get past the hair.

Kenny Florian will take on Clay Guida and his most glorified 5-4 UFC record in history.  Guida is never in a dull contest and this one will be no different.  Guida fights balls out no matter what but he’s not the smartest guy to compete in the Octagon.  Florian, on the other hand, is a very intelligent fighter.  Florian’s two losses have come against the best in the division, Penn & Sanchez, and he knows what a loss against Guida will do to his title chances.  Don’t expect an upset here.  Guida will give Florian an opening and Florian will execute a game plan to neutralize Guida’s relentless pace and earn a decision in an exciting fight.

Frank Mir vs. Cheick Kongo

Any exposed limbs Frank Mir will find and submit you. Just ask Brock Lesnar.

This is a fight with an interesting yet unspoken aspect underlining it.  Frank Mir, a former 2-time UFC heavyweight champion and the only man to defeat current champ Brock Lesnar, gets virtually no respect despite his Hall of Fame worthy accomplishments.  Cheick Kongo hasn’t done anything but receives a heavy push from the UFC despite receiving multiple set back loses.  The UFC desperately wants Kongo to succeed for the same reason the NFL media over exaggerates the black quarterback.  Kongo is to UFC heavyweights what Vince Young is to NFL quarterbacks.  Mir, is the man they want Kongo to defeat so he can be billed as an evolved and complete fighter. Kongo is a superior striker in the land of wrestlers.  Mir has bulked up and reported to be a solid 20lbs heavier.  Mir’s new frame should handle Kongo’s blows better.  No to mention his improved stand up should open up opportunities to take down Kongo and twist him up for a submission victory.  Then the UFC will have to try another way to blow up Kongo for a 2010 title run.

Lightweight Champion BJ Penn vs. Diego Sanchez

The only person who can beat BJ Penn in the Lightweight Division is himself.

Finally we have a main event worthy of top billing.  This fight should make the next batch of UFC highlight videos.  What you see is what you get with both BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez and I love what I see from both of them.  Diego Sanchez is hungry but he’s going to find out why BJ Penn is on top of the UFC Lightweight food chain.  BJ Penn has an Anderson Silva-type lock on this Lightweight strap and with good reason.  Sanchez has a few intangibles working in his favor but BJ Penn is better at every phase of the game than Sanchez.  No one outside of the Sanchez camp should argue that.  Diego Sanchez has a championship in his future but just not at UFC107.  BJ Penn rules the division with an iron fist and a will to match.   Although upsets happen all the time, BJ Penn is motivated and committed to his Lightweight Championship which means everyone else is assed out.


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