UFC107 Was One To Remember

Kenny Florian Submits Clay Guida

Kenny Florian says, "Let the blood flow."

Kenny Florian flourished in his first fight coming off the loss to BJ Penn.  Florian began to open up more as the 1st round winded down and gave Clay Guida  a nasty cut behind the left ear due to an elbow shot.  Guida is a soldier though and kept fighting with a crimson river flowing down his chest from the cut.  Florian’s recent emphasis on boxing showed as he peppered Guida with rights and lefts.  Florian’s enhanced striking increasinly punished Guida and thus ultimately neutralizing Guida’s famed high octane pace. Florian finished his night early with a rear-naked choke and began making his case again for a 3rd title opportunity.

Frank Mir Crushes Chieck Kongo

The only reason Chieck Kongo is still breathing is because Frank Mir allowed it.

Christmas come early for me as Frank Mir extinguished the UFC hopes of making Cheick Kongo a contender anytime soon.  Mir answered my prayers by virtually demolishing Kongo.   First by beating Kongo at his own game and then finishing him with a guillotine choke.  The booming left hook was a thing of beauty and as expected once the fight went to the ground Kongo’s night was over.  Mir didn’t get the Submission of the Night bonus, but he should be given some kind of humanitarian bonus for telling the referee Kongo was out.  Mir’s feat makes Lesnar-Mir 3 the mega-fight for 2010 provided Mir can keep his mojo going.

The BJ Penn Express Rolls Over Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez's heart could not match BJ Penn's skill.

There is no knocking Diego Sanchez.  He was clearly outclassed from the opening minute of the fight but he never stopped trying.  He kept coming forward and was rewarded for his repeated efforts by the punishing fists of BJ Penn.  Sanchez is one tough bastard as he took an absolute beating until the bout was mercifully halted because Penn literally kicked a hole in Sanchez’s head.  Penn never slowed down himself and disposed any doubts concerning his cardio or lack thereof.  Penn was pushed by Sanchez and we got to see a near flawless Penn pummel another challenger.  What was almost equally amazing as Penn’s brilliance was Sanchez’s heart.  Sanchez was left unrecognizable and the greatness of BJ Penn was evident on Sanchez’s face.


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