NFL Throwdown Week 14

Santonio Holmes: "What the hell is going on here?"

  • Can it get any worse for the defending champion Steelers after losing to the Browns?
  • The Saints are making barely escaping with wins a bad habit.
  • Just when you started to doubt the Vikings they prove the loss against the Cardinals was a fluke.  Beating the Bengals was a strong statement heading into the playoffs
  • The cancer known as Randy Moss is infecting the Patriots once potent offense. In fact, 8 of Tom Brady’s 11 interceptions have come when targeting Randy Moss.  It’s only a matter of time before this situation gets really ugly.
  • The Dolphins are the most resilient team in football right now.  They refuse to go away.  By trouncing the Jaguars, the Dolphins are rewriting the playoff picture.
  • The race to 2,000 yards continues as Chris Johnson has tallied up 1,626 yards in 13 games.  Johnson needs 480 yards in the next 3 games (160 average) to break Erick Dickerson’s 25 year old record.  Hopefully he falls short.
  • Nothing new from Decembers past as the Cowboys got stampeded again.
  • Chargers and Eagles are looking like the teams no one wants to play in January.
  • Peyton Manning is unstoppable this season and the Colts are looking like they have no peer in the AFC.
  • The West is far from won as long as the 49ers have anything to say about it.

Fresh back from a concussion suffered 2 weeks ago, DeSean Jackson is emerging as the most explosive receiver in the game right now.

Alex Smith has everyone talking about the 49ers once again.


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