NFL Throwdown Week 15

Jerome Harrison ran past the great Jim Brown with his record breaking performance against the Chiefs.

  • Unlike in seasons past, the Colts’ success this season seems different this year.  With another exceptional game in the books, the Colts reached another level and no one is even close at this point.
  • The Saints suck.  Their luck finally ran out against the Cowboys.  Time to panic in the bayou with the injuries piling up, the secondary getting lit up every week, the abandonment of the running game….
  • Randy Moss must have been listening because he came to play in the Patriots win against the Bills.
  • If you didn’t know the Cleveland Browns’ Jerome Harrison was before this week, you sure know him know after his 286 yard/3 touchdown performance in a game for the ages against the Chiefs.
  • Brett Favre refuses to get benched, loses the game to the Panthers (2 of their last 3 altogether), blurs the hierarchy of the team, possibly gift wrapped home field advantage to the Saints and now will force his 40 year body to play the season through as this Vikings’ #2 seed, once a lock, is now in serious jeopardy.
  • The AFC playoff picture is as tight as a duck’s asshole and that’s watertight.
  • In an aerial assault that saw almost 900 yards of combined passing, Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers put on a passing clinic in a game no one will ever forget.  Too bad there had to be a winner.  It may have been the win the Steelers needed to get back in the hunt thanks to Mike Wallace’s ridiculous game-winning catch.

The mad bomber, Ben Roethlisberger, let it air out for 503 yards to keep the Steeler’s playoff aspirations on life support.


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