NFL Throwdown Week 16

  • Thanks to Ryan Longwell’s blocked kick and Adrian Peterson’s ongoing fumbling issues, the road to Miami for the NFC goes through New Orleans.
  • Everyone can jump off the Vince Young bandwagon now.  He’s been average at best when facing the conference powerhouses.  Furthermore it was disgusting to watch the Chargers’ secondary let Chris Johnson run by them for a 30 yard score in garbage time.  When chasing a record those numbers should be earned and it slightly waters down the terrific season compiled by Johnson.
  • The Bengals clinch their 2nd playoff berth in 20 years by claiming the AFC North title in their victory over the Chiefs.  And I thought the wait at the DMV was bad.
  • The Cowboys finally put an end to their December woes.  Now not only do they find themselves fighting for the NFC East title against the Eagles in the season finale, but also the possibility of being the #2 seed.  Somebody up there hates me.
  • The Eagles squeezed out a win over the Broncos in a back & forth battle to remain the hottest team in the NFC.
  • Not far behind the Eagles are the Green Bay Packers who may have closed the book on Matt Hasselbeck’s career.
  • The Steelers suddenly have woken up and gained that sense of urgency to save their season.  Apparently they only want to beat the good teams in the league.
  • If only Randy Moss had not pissed and moaned all season, the Patriots could have finished with a much better record.  With Brady and Moss on the same page again they once again look like the team no one wants to face again.
  • The Saints put on a pathetic display for a team trying to lock up home field advantage.  They do not deserve home field advantage and the Superdome will be the best place for any visiting NFC team in the playoffs.  Who dat say gonna git dem Saints back to their winning ways?
  • Jim Caldwell pulled the Colts’ starters with a 15-10 lead to rest them for the playoffs.  Although the 2nd string couldn’t sustain the lead and the Colts lost the pursuit for perfection.  Whether it was a bad decision or not is questionable, but the Colts earned the right to do what they felt was the higher priority.

    Manning all but locked up a record 4th MVP award by honorably coaching 3rd string QB Curtis Painter in the latter part of Sunday's game.

  • Garrett Hartley is the loneliest guy in New Orleans after missing what could have been the game-winning kick.


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