NFL Throwdown Week 17

  • Living by the phrase, “it’s not how you start the season but how you end your season is what counts”, Jay Cutler flashed the awesomeness that labeled him the next big thing.  It was a small glimpse of the great things to come from next year’s Bears offense.
  • Mike Singletary’s overhaul of a once great franchise is one of the best stories of this NFL season.  Under the tutelage of “Samurai” Mike, the 49ers are no longer a game other teams look past anymore.
  • Matt Ryan led the Falcons to back-to-back winning seasons for the 1st time in franchise history.  That has to count for something.
  • Just when the Patriots begin to look like they are going to get their roll on, Wes Welker tears both his ACL & his MCL.  Without his security blanket gone, an unstable Randy Moss to throw to, Tom Brady needs either Sam Aiken or Ben Watson to step up.  Talk about being screwed.
  • Chris Johnson became just the 6th man to eclipse the 2,000 yard mark in a season.  Congratulations CJ.
  • The Cowboys, Jets & Packers all destroyed their upcoming playoff opponents this week.  Now they have the arduous task of repeating the feat for Wildcard Weekend.
  • Did the Giants just give up?  How else do you explain being outscored 85-14 in their last 2 games?
  • The two most potent rushers to finish the season were not named CJ or AP but a couple of guys named Jerome Harrison and Jamaal Charles.  Yeah, that’s what I said.
  • Both #1 seeds ended the season a combined 0-5 and we’ll see if Jim Caldwell and Sean Payton’s decision to rest their starters was the right one.  Wes Welker would concur that’s for sure.
  • The Vikings rediscovered their game at season’s end and just in the nick of time.  Another interesting note is Brett Favre, at age 40 mind you, compiled the best statistical season of his 19 year career.  Wrangler is sure to see a 42% improvement in their jeans sales.  All joking aside, Favre’s feat is truly remarkable and unequaled.

Chicago fans are now drooling with anticipation for 2010 now that they see what Cutler can really do.


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