The Saints and Destiny As I See it

Jets what?  Peyton Who?  The Jets are without a doubt the dullest team left in the playoffs.  The Colts aren’t exactly exhilarating either.  It was hard to stay awake for the 1st encounter between the Jets & Colts this season.  The rematch will undoubtedly be a dreary repeat.  Forget the AFC Championship. The only contest that truly matters this week is the Vikings-Saints game.  The dream match up between Brett Favre and Drew Brees will be the best shoot out since “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly”.  You’re not a football fan if you’re not super-jacked about this one. There is a lot being said about this game.  With everyone taking their shots, I will take mine.

This was my wish all along for these two teams to play each other in the conference championship.  I’m as big a Favre fan as anyone not related to him, but this is the one time where I will not be pulling for The Messiah.  My faith in the Saints has been restored and going into the biggest game in franchise history I just have to believe this team is one of destiny.  With the championship and history well within their grasp, here are my reasons for looking forward to these 3 Saints possibly and hopefully fulfilling their destinies:

Reggie Bush Shreds The “Bust” Label

Reggie Bush brought the wood in a emotionally charged game against the Cardinals.

The nation is now realizing that Reggie Bush is in fact an impact player. Bush is not the guy to carry the rock 20-25 times for 100 yards but he is a game changer of another sort.  Thanks to Bush’s newly discovered physical style of running and Sean Payton’s brilliant play calling, Bush can break the game wide open at any time.  His 84 yards rushing, 24 yards receiving and 2 TD performance (1 rushing & 1 punt return) against the Cardinals in the Division Round changed the way people reflect on his legacy.  He’s not the bust as some were predicting.  He is simply a different and special kind of running back.  It’s a special thing when a player can extinguish the flames cast on his name and I’m happy Bush is doing it in the playoffs.

Jeremy Shockey 2.0

Once viewed as team cancer, Jeremy Shockey is one of the most beloved and respected members of the New Orleans Saints.

I’ve been a huge Jeremy Shockey fan since he 1st exploded into the league in 2002.  I love his amped up attitude and his nasty style of play.  He’s a  tough bastard and when he’s on the field the Saints are a different team.  They feed of his energy and he makes the tough catches that you need from a tight end to cripple a tough defense like the Vikings’.  Despite being a intricate part of the 2007 Superbowl Champion Giants for many years leading up to their improbable run, they left him for dead and treated him like a disease.  Somehow the Giants gave him T.O status.  Shockey was thrown out like nobody’s business but he found a new home in New Orleans.  There was surrounded by other outcasts, has-beens and never will-be players.  His renegade demeanor was embraced and he was reunited with Sean Payton.  Payton was the offensive coordinator for Shockey’s best days in New York.  Shockey found his game again and is a cornerstone of the NFL’s most explosive offense.  The newest and baddest version of Jeremy Shockey needs a big ring and a new Superbowl tattoo to be complete.

Drew Is Due

Drew Brees is locked and loaded as he hunts down his 1st Lombardi Trophy.

The bible said that the Lord would return someday to save us all once again.  For the people of New Orleans, Drew Brees is the savior they were looking for.  At the center of the city’s rebirth is Drew Brees who has done some rebuilding of his own.  Since arriving in the hurricane ravaged Crescent City, Drew Brees has emerged as one the league’s elite quarterbacks.  Throughout his career, he was numb to the setbacks and doubts surrounding him and went from being pretty good with the Chargers to absolutely brilliant as a Saint.  He has become such a force in the league that his good days in San Diego are almost distant memory.  Since arriving in 2006, he’s collectively outperformed both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  That’s a long way for a guy thought of as too short and not possessing enough arm strength to be a quality QB in the NFL.  He’s a class act and an outstanding citizen.  He’s resurrected his career and the Big Easy from the ashes.  There are million reasons to like Brees and none to dislike him unless you’re facing him.  I feel for him like I did when John Elway was still chasing his 1st Superbowl victory.  It would be a crime if Drew Brees, after all he’s done, join the likes of Dan Marino.  If anyone wearing the black & gold deserves a ring, it’s Drew Brees.  Simply put, Favre and Manning had their turn. Let this be Drew’s year to realize his dream.


4 Responses to “The Saints and Destiny As I See it”

  1. who will win saints , i know my money is on the saints going watch it live

  2. Your posting really landed right on the top. Good work, I look forward to your next posting.

  3. I’ll get get flamed for what I say.I do not hate the Colts, even though Im a Texans fan. Whats not to like about Peyton Manning? Hes got game gifted by Buddha, don’t forget Daddy Arch, and he says hes a to be a low key guy. Every time somebody mentions his awesome records he says something to the effect of I just feel humbled to be mentioned in the same breath as those players.The Holy Ones 31 The Baby Horses 28

    • Dallas O'Malley Says:

      You’re not going to get flamed for your opinion. Your opinion is truly valued here. This is not the site to bash someone for their opinions or views. At least I won’t anyway. I can’t control what other people say, but I hope they would have the same respect on your outlook as I do. Now, there is some merit in being a Texan fan and not hating Peyton Manning. Echoing your sentiments regarding Manning, there is plenty to like about him. His ability and personality, are without question, a cut above most. Now I will say I found him getting a little cocky heading into the Super Bowl which made it easier to cheer against him, but I wouldn’t hiss at him like some people do. Thanks for the comment and keep your opinions coming. It’s great to hear them.

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