Hardy is Serra-ously Mistaken

There are three things I am looking forward to most this Spring:

3)  saying goodbye to a brutally cold winter

2) my upcoming family vacation

1) the Octagon return of Georges “Rush” St. Pierre at UFC 111

There are few things in my life that stir my grits like a GSP fight does.  What makes his 2010 debut even more enticing is GSP’s recent focus on becoming more explosive and finishing fights instead of grinding out shut out decision victories.  As MMA becomes more evolved, so does the world’s best fighter.  The moment a fighter stops adding more to his game is the moment the sport passes him by.  Georges St. Pierre knows this and never takes anything for granted.  He has been scary good since his entire career.  The thought of a more destructive GSP was enough for me to schedule my vacation around UFC 111.

His latest challenger, Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy, still thinks he’s going to pull a Matt Serra on the champ.  Is he serious?  Has he been following St. Pierre at all on his way to the front of the pecking order?  GSP learns from all his wins, and most of all, his losses.  He’s 3 years removed from the first Serra fight and since then has emerged an even more dominant fighter.  Much to the distress of the welterweight division.  Yet, since first making the bold prediction a few months ago and until now, the brash Brit is still day dreaming of a career-defining KO victory.

It’s OK to dream, but everyone has to wake up sooner or later.  Sooner rather than later would be best for Hardy. There have been many fighters, far better than Dan Hardy, who have shared the same KO aspirations. Yet in return all they received was a humbling lesson:  if you’re going into the fight looking to knockout the pound-for-pound king, then you’re in for a long night.  Thwarting bruisers like Thiago Alves and Josh Koscheck is second nature to St. Pierre.  In the end GSP’s foes often look foolish for approaching the fight with a strategy like Hardy’s.  Hardy’s trainers should be telling him this but apparently they must be as clueless as he is.

Maybe the whole Dan Hardy camp forgot that 3 of Hardy’s 4 UFC wins have come by decision.  I’d like to understand the reasoning on how stopping Rory Markham 3 fights ago would suddenly make Hardy a knockout artist now…but I can’t.  Going for the knockout is going to make this fight more like GSP-Serra II than GSP-Serra I.  Apparently Hardy is not only outspoken, but dumb as well.  Otherwise he would have learned this ages ago like the rest of the world.

Hardy’s KO prediction didn’t send the fight world abuzz. He’s neither the first to be so arrogant about his chances against GSP, nor will he be the last.  I’m actually glad he’s not backing off of his claim.  I love watching Georges St. Pierre crush people.  Especially big mouth, over inflated jerks like Dan Hardy.  Of course it’s going to be well worth $50 unless you’re related to Dan Hardy.


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