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What We Learned @ UFC 111

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Shane Carwin is a beast

For those of you who doubted Shane Carwin’s place among the best heavyweights, the joke’s on you.  Carwin’s ferocious serious of left uppercuts chopped down Frank Mir.  Along with the face crushing assault, Carwin blew open the doors for a match with Brock Lesnar that has twice been cancelled before.  Carwin is the most serious threat to Lesnar’s reign as champion.  Finally we have someone who will not be bullied by Lesnar and also someone who can put Lesnar’s questionable chin to the ultimate test.  Shane Carwin’s explosiveness is the fight-ending magic that people love and expect from a heavyweight. Carwin has arrived and that is not good news for Lesnar, but great news for the rest of us.

Brock Lesnar is….

Still a jerk for claiming that Shane Carwin won a “fake belt”.  Lesnar was impressed with Carwin’s win over Frank Mir, but he also showed signs of concerns with his childish comments.  Lesnar is worried about Carwin; as well he should be.

Dan Hardy knows what it means to tap

He obliged, but when caught in Georges St. Pierre’s kimura, Hardy’s right hand did posture up, even for a moment, ready to tap.  Luckily for Hardy, GSP’s compassion allowed Hardy to escape when GSP looked up at the referee for intervention.   He deserves all the credit in the world for not tapping but he does know what it means to tap otherwise his hand would have been ready to do so in the 1st place.

GSP’s victory still beautiful

It goes without saying that Georges St. Pierre is the most complete fighter in MMA.  As the world’s premiere mixed martial artist, GSP’s expectations of himself is what separates him from his peers.  GSP was both a technical misstep and a humane thought away from the “beautiful victory” he wanted so bad.  Both mental errors by  GSP denied everyone, most of all GSP himself, the stoppage that was so badly wanted.  By default, Hardy’s reputation spiked but by no means should GSP’s take a hit.  It was an masterful performance.  One in which showcased a clinic and overwhelmed yet another quality contender.  Furthering cleaning out your division is something every champion wants.  GSP gets everyone’s absolute best every time in therefore always making his victories great.


UFC 111 – Pick’Em

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Finally a UFC card worth paying for.  It sucks that Thiago Alves will not get his chance to avenge his loss to Jon Fitch but the two title fights on this  card are enough for me to forgive Dana White for the garbage he’s been airing.

Interim Heavyweight Championship : Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin

The best part of the interim heavyweight title fight is that we are guaranteed an exciting fight ending finish.  Whether it be a submission via Mir or another highlight reel Carwin KO, it’s safe to say this one is not going the distance.  With both guys’ track record it wouldn’t be a stretch to say the fight will not reach the 2nd frame.  Somebody’s going down and going down hard.  Gotta love it.

Frank Mir wiped his ass with Cheick Kongo his last time out and looked awesome in doing so.  Shane Carwin has been a beast each trip to the Octagon.  Mir has been TKO’d in all his professional losses.  Carwin has the most unforgiving power in the heavyweight division.  Carwin has never been faced with anyone as dangerous as UFC’s boa constrictor – Frank Mir.

Frank Mir’s lungs have yet to be tested to see if they can supply enough oxygen to keep his new bulked up frame going.  Shane Carwin hasn’t seen the 2nd minute in any of his 11 wins therefore questioning his cardio in a 5 round championship fight.  Around and around we go.

Pick: Shane Carwin

Reason: Neither man is going to have much time to test their cardio in this fight as stated before.  It’s going to end early and I’m picking Shane Carwin to upset the former 2x UFC heavyweight champion.  Mir’s striking has improved leaps and bounds but standing with Carwin is suicide.  Mir’s best chance is on the ground but even there Carwin is Brock Lesnar’s long lost twin; therefore can mostly like control Mir and pound him into powder.  Carwin has the better chin and Mir’s experience will be nullified.  Mir’s career has been up and down.  This will be his latest set back to bounce back from.

Welterweight Championship : Georges St-Pierre vs. Dan Hardy

The Chosen One, Georges “Rush” St. Pierre, finally returns to the battlegrounds defend the most prized possession in MMA.  Standing in the way is the flamboyantly confident Brit Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy. Hardy is singing the same song as all the other would-be GSP detractors.  GSP has seen it all, heard it all and beaten them all before.  Hardy offers little to faze the pound-for-pound king.  Yet the Pride of Nottingham is in a good position because he has nothing to lose.

Hardy is looking to duplicate Matt Serra’s feat of April ’07. Hardy is uber confident he’s going to become the 1st British UFC champion even though he’s going to have to run the gauntlet at UFC 111.  Hardy has never faced a fighter as complete as GSP.  GSP has trumped better strikers, dominated world class wrestlers, thwarted superior submission artists all in becoming the absolute best mixed martial artist in the world.

Hardy has history on his side.  Massive underdogs have often turned the sports world upside down.  Buster Douglas.  Matt Serra.  The ’07 Giants.  Hardy has a lot going for him.  He is a crisp striker with razor sharp elbows.  He’s been the underdog in every fight and every time he’s come out on top.  GSP is in the same position as he was back in April 2007.  History often repeats itself and conventional wisdom is that it’s only a matter of time before lightning strikes again.

Pick: Georges St. Pierre

Reason:  Because it’s GSP!  Lightning doesn’t strike twice in GSP’s world.  Everyone uses the 1st Serra fight as their motivation against the champ,  but why are people still talking about the 1st Serra fight?  St. Pierre is light years past that, and by crushing Hardy Saturday night he’ll lay the ghost of Serra to rest.  St. Pierre’s stand up is vastly underrated and his ability to control distance is one of his best assets.  Hardy does his best work close up.  It doesn’t really matter much because whether he’s close or far away, nothing will stop GSP from bull rushing him and imposing his will on Hardy’s hard head.  Hardy’s new best friend will be the referee when he saves him from a classic George St. Pierre beating.

Farewell Super Dave

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I didn’t want to accept it.  It just seemed like a bad joke.  Last Saturday one of my oldest and dearest friends was laid to rest.  It doesn’t seem real; yet I have to accept it whether I want to or not.

“Super” Dave Dominguez may not mean much to any of you but he meant a lot to me.  He was an avid fight fan and a rabid football fan.  From the moment we met, we always enjoyed going back and forth about sports.  He was my rival in every way.  I’d say John Elway; he’d say Joe Montana.  I backed Oscar de la Hoya and he was in Fernando Vargas’ corner.  It was always fun going round for round with him.  The only thing we agreed on was that we enjoyed each other’s company and cherished being the proverbial thorn in each other’s side.  We were teammates for years and some of the best times of my life were spent with Super Dave.  Our personal debates were a main source of influence for the idea behind this website.

When reflecting on those who have passed on, the deceased suddenly become saints no matter what they did when they were here on Earth.  Super Dave is the exception.  You will not find someone who could honestly say something bad about him.  He was awesome in every way a person could  be, and anyone who knew him would tell you that.   Super Dave was always chill and the coolest mofo in the room.  He was always having a good time and he was loved by many.  He touched so many people and it’s hard to imagine going on through the journey of life without my little guido buddy.

To know him was to love him and I certainly loved Super Dave.  I still do.  I will miss Super Dave and God bless him for impacting my life.  Sports may not provide the same enjoyment without Super Dave, but I am grateful for my spent time with him because my life was blessed for simply being his friend.

Numbers Over Rings

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When LaDainian Tomlinson was shopping around for a new place to dig his cleats into next season, he emphatically stated that he wanted the chance to compete for a championship.  Well good luck with that in New York LT!

LT failed to sign with the Vikings because of Brett Favre’s uncertainty for the 2010 season.  What a miscalculation on LT’s part.  Favre will be back for the 2010 season, as many experts predict, and the Vikings will once again be one of the NFC’s elite teams.  Even without Favre, the mere fact that the Vikings, back-to-back division champions from 2008-09, are in the NFC where it’s a crap shoot every year as to which team will represent the conference in the Super Bowl.

His ego also fogged up his eye shield. Don’t kid yourselves.  LT wants to feel important. Minnesota is Favre and Peterson’s world.  His ego wasn’t going to allow him to play alongside  Adrian Peterson so the media could draw up comparisons all season long.  Playing with a young quarterback and running back, LT’s presence is suddenly much more valuable.  With the Vikings powerful personalities, LT gets lost in the background.

This move was not about championships.  The Jets signing was about something much more vain.  LT saw former Jets RB Thomas Jones, 32, come off a career year (1,409 yards rushing and 14 touchdowns) in 2009.  With Jones now in KC, it opens the doors for LT to give the Jets a better receiving option at the RB position.  LT will be a compliment to starter Shonn Green, a role he accepts, but Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer presents a offensive scheme familiar to LT.  Schottenheimer was the QB coach in San Diego for 4 seasons and LT knows that his role and numbers will intensify under Schottenheimer.  The Jets’ run happy ways made them the leading rushing team in the NFL last season.  Fresh off the worst statistical season of his career, LT hopes to find that second wind with the league’s premiere run 1st team.  He’s going to get a lot of touches and that was his goal all along.  If he is to prove he has something left in the tank then he needs as many opportunities as possible.  The Jets are well equipped to give him that shot at redemption.

Tomlinson says the Jets have the ability to become a championship team.  Although he’s forgetting that it’s been said and proven a million times over that the NFL is a quarterback driven league.  As long as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger are heading up the AFC’s best, then LT and the Jets will always be on the outside looking in.  Plus there’s no love lost between Tomlinson and the Patriots, so how’s he going to contain that cry baby attitude when Brady’s Bunch eats his lunch twice a year?  The Jets were fortunate to be in the AFC Championship this past season.  To say otherwise is ridiculous and so is LT for using the Jets ’09 season as a smoke screen.

LT is headed to the Big Apple for bigger numbers.  That’s it; plain and simple.  New York is an aging running back’s dream.  Terrific O-Line, game managing QB, great lead blocker, grind out O and a stingy D.

It’s time to stop romanticizing about LaDainian Tomlinson and just see the situation for what it is.  If he were serious about a championship he’d be in Minnesota.  Then again that’s only important to some people.  Not LT.

The Magic of Manny

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Motormouth Mayweather is unusually quiet these days.  Floyd Mayweather is running around his las Vegas mega mansion, that he can’t afford yet, trying to put a negative spin on Manny Pacquiao’s shut out win against Joshua Clottey.  Anyone who witnessed Clottey’s scared turtle impression last Saturday night against Manny Pacquiao realized what Mayweather did as he watched it himself.  There was no sensational KO this time around for Pacquiao, but the fact that Clottey bitched up and just tried to survive was a serious testament to Pacquiao as a fighter.  Just as much as the sounds of crickets coming from the Mayweather camp.  Pacquiao managed to clobber the pride out of Clottey, and shut up boxing’s biggest jerk all in one magical night.  It’s no wonder why he’s the best.

Rocky Clottey

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There’s a Manny Pacquiao fight this weekend and no one is really too excited about.  Maybe it’s because the fight is not viewed as much of a contest to begin with.  Winning the Pacquiao sweepstakes is welterweight standout, Joshua Clottey.  Going up against the pound-for-pound king of boxing, it’s not a question of if, but when will Pacquiao hand Clottey his first KO loss?

There is plenty of reason to back that assessment up.  After all Pacquiao has destroyed boxing’s best on his ascend to the top.  Clottey’s last fight was a decision loss to Miguel Cotto who was then butchered by Pacquiao last November.  So it is to no surprise that Clottey is an overwhelming underdog heading into Saturday’s match at Cowboys Stadium.

Clottey is viewed as having no real shot of winning the fight and the media have all but pegged him with the “Rocky” label.  Clottey is a tough and durable fighter. He doesn’t have much punching power and he’s fallen short in his biggest matches.  His trainer was not granted a visa out of his native land therefore had to be replaced for this fight.

Clottey has never been stopped before and is banking on his stubborn chin to defy the odds and reach the final bell.  Forcing a decision would be a moral victory for Clottey.  When facing the Filipino phenom, having Michael Buffer read the score cards instead of the final time, is the sweetest sound one can hear.  Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto all failed to do so in Pacquiao’s last three matches.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime and Clottey will make the most of it.  He’s a game opponent and will put forth a tremendous effort.  He will come up short but I think it’s safe to say he’ll hear the final bell.  That will make him a winner in my book now matter how badly he’s beaten.

Off Season Forecast

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The NFL off season has been a turbulent one.  There is so much going on that there are some things that needed to be pointed out.  As the draft gets closer it’s only going to get crazier.  It seems every team is on the bubble and here are some issues I’d like to address:

Delhomme Is Not Done

The recession is still hurting a lot of people and one of the latest employment casualties is former Carolina Panthers QB Jake Delhomme.  The rap on pride of Beaux Bridge, LA is that he is done.  That he’s going to have to settle for a backup role.  It maybe true if he plans to play for a contender, but there are a few clubs out there that could use his game-managing services as a starter.  Probably none more so than the Cleveland Browns.  They just signed a Scott Fujita for 3 years/$14 million so it’s safe to say that they could afford to add Delhomme to their payroll.  Secondly, their choices at quarterback are Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson.  Delhomme’s resume makes him like Brett Favre when comparing him to the Brown’s two ineffective signal callers.  The Bills are in a good spot to land Tim Tebow in the draft therefore making the Browns Delhomme’s best option for 2010.  Now Mike Holmgren just needs to pick up the phone, make the call and get it done.

The NFC North Still Belongs to Minnesota

So the Bears added Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor.  So what?  As of right now, they just look like the Redskins of the NFC North and that’s not nearly good enough to dethrone the Minnesota Vikings The Vikes are still the most complete team in the division and the Bears don’t have enough weapons available for Jay Cutler to make a serious run.  The Bears can’t save coach Lovie Smith from certain death by having Cutler live off of screen passes to Matt Forte, check downs to Taylor and slant passes to Johnny Knox.  Until they get a big target for Cutler’s big arm then nothing will change, and the North crown will remain firmly on Favre’s cranium.

Bengals Need To Break Bad Habits

Brandon Marshall should be the runaway choice between he and T.O

The words troublesome and playmaker often go together in the NFL.  Never more so true when talking about wide receivers.  It’s a quarterback driven league so you can never have too many weapons at your franchise’s QB’s disposal.  Adding to his arsenal is always a popular route to take for today’s GM’s.  The Cincinnati Bengals are attempting to snatch a top notch WR for Carson Palmer but for some reason can’t decide between outlaw receiver Brandon Marshall, or the man who wrote the book “How To Act Like A NFL Diva” – Terrell Owens.  Under no circumstance, absolutely none, should this decision take longer than a Mike Tyson fight in the 80s.  Both guys are conflicted but there is no upside when adding T.O to your roster.  Marshall will cost you more, but he’s younger and there is still hope for an attitude makeover.  T.O is the equivalent to a black hole in the NFL.  Even if the Bengals signed him on for the league minimum, it would still not be worth the trouble.  It’s no surprise some of the thugs on their current roster are lobbying for T.O, and if it comes to fruition then the Bengals deserve everything they get.