Off Season Forecast

The NFL off season has been a turbulent one.  There is so much going on that there are some things that needed to be pointed out.  As the draft gets closer it’s only going to get crazier.  It seems every team is on the bubble and here are some issues I’d like to address:

Delhomme Is Not Done

The recession is still hurting a lot of people and one of the latest employment casualties is former Carolina Panthers QB Jake Delhomme.  The rap on pride of Beaux Bridge, LA is that he is done.  That he’s going to have to settle for a backup role.  It maybe true if he plans to play for a contender, but there are a few clubs out there that could use his game-managing services as a starter.  Probably none more so than the Cleveland Browns.  They just signed a Scott Fujita for 3 years/$14 million so it’s safe to say that they could afford to add Delhomme to their payroll.  Secondly, their choices at quarterback are Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson.  Delhomme’s resume makes him like Brett Favre when comparing him to the Brown’s two ineffective signal callers.  The Bills are in a good spot to land Tim Tebow in the draft therefore making the Browns Delhomme’s best option for 2010.  Now Mike Holmgren just needs to pick up the phone, make the call and get it done.

The NFC North Still Belongs to Minnesota

So the Bears added Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor.  So what?  As of right now, they just look like the Redskins of the NFC North and that’s not nearly good enough to dethrone the Minnesota Vikings The Vikes are still the most complete team in the division and the Bears don’t have enough weapons available for Jay Cutler to make a serious run.  The Bears can’t save coach Lovie Smith from certain death by having Cutler live off of screen passes to Matt Forte, check downs to Taylor and slant passes to Johnny Knox.  Until they get a big target for Cutler’s big arm then nothing will change, and the North crown will remain firmly on Favre’s cranium.

Bengals Need To Break Bad Habits

Brandon Marshall should be the runaway choice between he and T.O

The words troublesome and playmaker often go together in the NFL.  Never more so true when talking about wide receivers.  It’s a quarterback driven league so you can never have too many weapons at your franchise’s QB’s disposal.  Adding to his arsenal is always a popular route to take for today’s GM’s.  The Cincinnati Bengals are attempting to snatch a top notch WR for Carson Palmer but for some reason can’t decide between outlaw receiver Brandon Marshall, or the man who wrote the book “How To Act Like A NFL Diva” – Terrell Owens.  Under no circumstance, absolutely none, should this decision take longer than a Mike Tyson fight in the 80s.  Both guys are conflicted but there is no upside when adding T.O to your roster.  Marshall will cost you more, but he’s younger and there is still hope for an attitude makeover.  T.O is the equivalent to a black hole in the NFL.  Even if the Bengals signed him on for the league minimum, it would still not be worth the trouble.  It’s no surprise some of the thugs on their current roster are lobbying for T.O, and if it comes to fruition then the Bengals deserve everything they get.


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