Numbers Over Rings

When LaDainian Tomlinson was shopping around for a new place to dig his cleats into next season, he emphatically stated that he wanted the chance to compete for a championship.  Well good luck with that in New York LT!

LT failed to sign with the Vikings because of Brett Favre’s uncertainty for the 2010 season.  What a miscalculation on LT’s part.  Favre will be back for the 2010 season, as many experts predict, and the Vikings will once again be one of the NFC’s elite teams.  Even without Favre, the mere fact that the Vikings, back-to-back division champions from 2008-09, are in the NFC where it’s a crap shoot every year as to which team will represent the conference in the Super Bowl.

His ego also fogged up his eye shield. Don’t kid yourselves.  LT wants to feel important. Minnesota is Favre and Peterson’s world.  His ego wasn’t going to allow him to play alongside  Adrian Peterson so the media could draw up comparisons all season long.  Playing with a young quarterback and running back, LT’s presence is suddenly much more valuable.  With the Vikings powerful personalities, LT gets lost in the background.

This move was not about championships.  The Jets signing was about something much more vain.  LT saw former Jets RB Thomas Jones, 32, come off a career year (1,409 yards rushing and 14 touchdowns) in 2009.  With Jones now in KC, it opens the doors for LT to give the Jets a better receiving option at the RB position.  LT will be a compliment to starter Shonn Green, a role he accepts, but Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer presents a offensive scheme familiar to LT.  Schottenheimer was the QB coach in San Diego for 4 seasons and LT knows that his role and numbers will intensify under Schottenheimer.  The Jets’ run happy ways made them the leading rushing team in the NFL last season.  Fresh off the worst statistical season of his career, LT hopes to find that second wind with the league’s premiere run 1st team.  He’s going to get a lot of touches and that was his goal all along.  If he is to prove he has something left in the tank then he needs as many opportunities as possible.  The Jets are well equipped to give him that shot at redemption.

Tomlinson says the Jets have the ability to become a championship team.  Although he’s forgetting that it’s been said and proven a million times over that the NFL is a quarterback driven league.  As long as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger are heading up the AFC’s best, then LT and the Jets will always be on the outside looking in.  Plus there’s no love lost between Tomlinson and the Patriots, so how’s he going to contain that cry baby attitude when Brady’s Bunch eats his lunch twice a year?  The Jets were fortunate to be in the AFC Championship this past season.  To say otherwise is ridiculous and so is LT for using the Jets ’09 season as a smoke screen.

LT is headed to the Big Apple for bigger numbers.  That’s it; plain and simple.  New York is an aging running back’s dream.  Terrific O-Line, game managing QB, great lead blocker, grind out O and a stingy D.

It’s time to stop romanticizing about LaDainian Tomlinson and just see the situation for what it is.  If he were serious about a championship he’d be in Minnesota.  Then again that’s only important to some people.  Not LT.


2 Responses to “Numbers Over Rings”

  1. Yea because the Jets only had a top 5 D and the best running game in the league. That never wins championships huh? The smoke screen in 2009 was the fact that two teams with bad defenses and bad running games made it to the SuperBowl. You are obviously a Vikings fan and are pissed you lost Chester Taylor and couldn’t replace him with LT.

    • Dallas O'Malley Says:

      What’s up Mike?  Glad you stopped by to drop me a comment even if its something I don’t agree with.  

      First, yes the Jets had that bad ass D and the best rushing game, but in the end it didn’t work out now did it?  It’ll get them close and will make them a playoff staple but the AFC is owned by the Patriots, Colts & Steelers.  The Jets formula for winning is classic but it’s simply not good enough.  The Ravens and Chargers are better equipped to break the mold than the Jets are.  It didn’t work this past season and it won’t work this next season.

      Second, there was only one team in the Super Bowl with a bad rushing game and that team was the Colts.  The Saints had plenty of production from their back field.  There wasn’t the glorious 1K rusher with 10+ TDs but Pierre Thomas, Mike Bell and Reggie Bush smashed and slashed teams all the way to the Super Bowl.  

      Third, both Super Bowl teams had solid defenses.  The Colts defense has seemingly forever been solid, but the Saints though had the most take aways in the league.  The Saints D doesn’t strike fear into the heart of opponents like the ’85 Bears or ’00 Ravens did but they ran the gauntlet in the playoffs.  The so-called “bad” Saints defense trumped the Cardinals, Vikings and Colts all of whom are among the best high octane offenses in the league.  Don’t forget the future Hall of Fame quarterbacks on those teams:  Kurt Warner, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning.  Any defense who beats those teams with those quarterbacks all they way to Super Bowl victory can’t seriously be called “bad”.

      Fourth, I’m not a Vikings fan.  I just don’t buy anything that comes along with LT.  I think he’s a great player but a terrible bullshit artist.  For years he was showered with praise for the way he played the game.  Never showboating or acting like a sore loser, yet when the clock started ticking the facade he put up started to crumble.  He started posing after touchdowns.  He became a very sore loser.  Guys like Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, John Elway always played the game the same way win or lose. Yeah, those guys got jacked up on occasion and emotions poured out on the field but in isolated incidents.  John Elway got his rear kicked time and time again in the Super Bowl but he never gave up and he never changed.  In the end, he finally got a team around him that resembled the champions of the past and he was able to reach the sport’s pinnacle.  Of all the champions in the past 15 years or so, only the ’00 Ravens, ’02 Buccaneers and ’05 Steelers look like the Jets of today.  The odds are clearly not in LT and the Jets’ favor.  And those teams didn’t have to deal with the current versions of Brady, Manning and Roethlisberger.

      Fifth, I’m going to say that you are either a LT fan or a Jets fan.  I don’t know…just taking a guess here. If LT wanted to join a potential Super Bowl contender,he’d be a Viking.  Not many people outside of New York, or rabid LT fans, would disagree with that.  The Vikings are stacked across the board.  The Jets are not.  The Vikings chances are much better hands down.  It’s not a stretch to say that.  LT knows this.  He just doesn’t care as much as he does about other things like numbers.  Even if the media wants to ignore it like they have done to other superstars’ flaws in the past.

      I’m not taking the stand of a disappointed fan. I’m just calling them like I see ’em.  Thanks and keep ’em coming Mike.

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