Farewell Super Dave

I didn’t want to accept it.  It just seemed like a bad joke.  Last Saturday one of my oldest and dearest friends was laid to rest.  It doesn’t seem real; yet I have to accept it whether I want to or not.

“Super” Dave Dominguez may not mean much to any of you but he meant a lot to me.  He was an avid fight fan and a rabid football fan.  From the moment we met, we always enjoyed going back and forth about sports.  He was my rival in every way.  I’d say John Elway; he’d say Joe Montana.  I backed Oscar de la Hoya and he was in Fernando Vargas’ corner.  It was always fun going round for round with him.  The only thing we agreed on was that we enjoyed each other’s company and cherished being the proverbial thorn in each other’s side.  We were teammates for years and some of the best times of my life were spent with Super Dave.  Our personal debates were a main source of influence for the idea behind this website.

When reflecting on those who have passed on, the deceased suddenly become saints no matter what they did when they were here on Earth.  Super Dave is the exception.  You will not find someone who could honestly say something bad about him.  He was awesome in every way a person could  be, and anyone who knew him would tell you that.   Super Dave was always chill and the coolest mofo in the room.  He was always having a good time and he was loved by many.  He touched so many people and it’s hard to imagine going on through the journey of life without my little guido buddy.

To know him was to love him and I certainly loved Super Dave.  I still do.  I will miss Super Dave and God bless him for impacting my life.  Sports may not provide the same enjoyment without Super Dave, but I am grateful for my spent time with him because my life was blessed for simply being his friend.


One Response to “Farewell Super Dave”

  1. He was awesome, even for the few times i met him. He was a cool dude.

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