What We Learned @ UFC 111

Shane Carwin is a beast

For those of you who doubted Shane Carwin’s place among the best heavyweights, the joke’s on you.  Carwin’s ferocious serious of left uppercuts chopped down Frank Mir.  Along with the face crushing assault, Carwin blew open the doors for a match with Brock Lesnar that has twice been cancelled before.  Carwin is the most serious threat to Lesnar’s reign as champion.  Finally we have someone who will not be bullied by Lesnar and also someone who can put Lesnar’s questionable chin to the ultimate test.  Shane Carwin’s explosiveness is the fight-ending magic that people love and expect from a heavyweight. Carwin has arrived and that is not good news for Lesnar, but great news for the rest of us.

Brock Lesnar is….

Still a jerk for claiming that Shane Carwin won a “fake belt”.  Lesnar was impressed with Carwin’s win over Frank Mir, but he also showed signs of concerns with his childish comments.  Lesnar is worried about Carwin; as well he should be.

Dan Hardy knows what it means to tap

He obliged, but when caught in Georges St. Pierre’s kimura, Hardy’s right hand did posture up, even for a moment, ready to tap.  Luckily for Hardy, GSP’s compassion allowed Hardy to escape when GSP looked up at the referee for intervention.   He deserves all the credit in the world for not tapping but he does know what it means to tap otherwise his hand would have been ready to do so in the 1st place.

GSP’s victory still beautiful

It goes without saying that Georges St. Pierre is the most complete fighter in MMA.  As the world’s premiere mixed martial artist, GSP’s expectations of himself is what separates him from his peers.  GSP was both a technical misstep and a humane thought away from the “beautiful victory” he wanted so bad.  Both mental errors by  GSP denied everyone, most of all GSP himself, the stoppage that was so badly wanted.  By default, Hardy’s reputation spiked but by no means should GSP’s take a hit.  It was an masterful performance.  One in which showcased a clinic and overwhelmed yet another quality contender.  Furthering cleaning out your division is something every champion wants.  GSP gets everyone’s absolute best every time in therefore always making his victories great.


One Response to “What We Learned @ UFC 111”

  1. What’s up with your boy Dana WHite? I actually went out of my way to watch the Anderson Silva fight becuase I have a few friends who claim he is a top 5 fighter in the world. He won the fight clearly. It’s not up to Dana to determine how he should or shouldn’t fight, he’s a promoter stick to promoting. The guy did what he had to do to win. I don’t agree with the clowning around but hey as they say in boxing “You don’t like it? DO something about it!” Not every fighter is going to be Tyson or Liddell, everyone has there own style of fighting, some men are defensive Whitaker, Mayweather and Winky these men tend to be boring but they tend to also have a longer career life span. Punishing Silva for fighting his fight would be like punishing Bruce Bowen for being defensive, or a team for holding on to the ball and letting time expire in the 4th quarter. Dana needs to leave the coaching to the coaches and fighting to the fighters. Silva is going to wind up coming out fighting the next man’s fight and he’s going to get KO’s all becasue of DAna.

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