Guaranteed Money

Floyd Gayweather knows a thing or two about money.  He knows how to make it.  He knows how to throw it away.  He also knows how to stay money inside the ring.

Come May 1st, I will not be one of the many forking over $50 for Gayweather’s match against “Sugar” Shane Mosley.  There’s no need to when Gayweather’s victory is pretty much guaranteed.  Barring some freak occurrence, boxing’s biggest bitch will walk away with a decision win.

Two fights ago, Mosley stopped Ricardo Mayorga at 2:59 of the very last round.  Had the fight not been waved off, Mosley would have won by majority decision.  The encounter was a victory but it’s a prime example of Mosley’s masked declining ability.

It was a rare case where the finish depreciates a fighter.  Mayorga’s was everyone’s favorite come back victim because he could be easily outclassed by a technical boxer.  He was the perfect opponent for a fighter wanting to knock some rust off and look dominant in the process.  Mayorga should have never seen the championship rounds in that fight.  Oscar De La Hoya ran through him in 6; Tito Trinidad in 8.  There’s no excusing the fact Mayorga shouldn’t have survived as long as he did considering how overmatched he was against Mosley.

It’s hard to take away from a win much less two, but Mosley’s win against Antonio Margarito is another that deceived many.  Margarito can say he didn’t know about the illegal hand wraps, but every boxer knows how his hand wraps are done.

Judging by the look on his face and the way he fought, Margarito just wanted out of there.  He didn’t know what to do without the plaster wraps and he didn’t want to find out.  How else do you explain Margarito retreating, half the production of his normally furious pace, unwillingness to hunt down and walk through shots?  He fled and essentially gave up.  Mosley deserves credit for finishing him, but it’s another fruitless triumph due to the deflated version of Antonio Margarito that night.

There is almost nothing I would much rather see than to watch Gayweather lose, but unfortunately I will have to wait a little bit longer.  Mosley is one of the finest fighters of any generation but the sun is setting on his career.  It goes without saying Gayweather is well aware of this.  It’s why the fight was made in the first place.  The Mayorga and Margarito fights illustrated the bleak chance of an upset.

Shane Mosley doesn’t use his jab much anymore.  His rolling shoulders are gone.  His speed isn’t what it used to be.  He has his work cut out for him against the defensive mastery that Floyd Gayweather brings.  Mosley will land his shots but not enough of them to supplant Gayweather.

Mosley’s best chance is to turn it into a fight instead of a boxing match.  It’ll never happen against Gayweather.

Floyd Gayweather’s perfect record was no accident.  He’s reached his perch by following a carefully crafted and cunning plan.  He remains there by risking little and talking a lot.  Against Shane Mosley, Gayweather is out of harm’s way and will have plenty to brag about with Mosley’s name on his resume’.


One Response to “Guaranteed Money”

  1. Wish I had you in the HBO blog I was on. I was arguing with these Mayweather fanatics but my facts, numbers and stats fell short for there Mayweather fanaticism. Mayweatherhas made a habit of fighting everyone at the tail end of there careers:
    Zab was 34-3 and has gone 4-2-1 since. Baldomir was 43-9-6 and went 2-2 before retiring, Hatton was 43-0 and went 2-2 before retiring, Mitchell was 56-4 and went 1-1 before retiring, COrrales which to me symbolized his best win was 33-0 when they met and went 7-4 after and was able to gain the WBO and WBC titles and is the ONLY 1 of his opponents who went on to regain any belts at all, Genaro hernandez retired immediately following the fight, and Carlos hernandez was 33-2 when they met and went 10-5 after never regaining any titles, Castillo has the best post Mayweather record but he never gained any titles either. His best wins came against over the hill fighters who never amounted to anything after there fights and most would go on to retire shortly afterwards. Not saying the guys not talented but he’s never had the balls to prove it. I will pay to watch the fight, there’s a 19 year old phenom on the card who is 33-0 named Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez I feel he is the future of the division. I’ve been watching this kid for a couple years now and I am a huge fan. He was my dream sign that never came to forwishen. As for Mosely he is very obviously over the hill. Margarito was tailor made for Mosley and on top of that as you said he wanted out of that ring but put him in there with him now and the fight would be a different story. Cheat or not Margarito was a very talented fighter. He were my thought on Floyd from my other post

    All great fighters like artists seem to have a great piece of work that defines them. Michaelangelo had the Sistine Chapel, Leonardo the Mona Lisa. Ali had Frazier and Foreman, Leonard had Hagler and Hearns, Chavez had Meldrick Taylor, Louis had Schmelling, Robinson had LaMotta, TIto and SSM had ODLH and Vargas, ODLH had Ruelas, Quartey and VArgas, Tyson had Spinks Even Pacquiao had Marquez and Morales(I hate Pac more then anyone ever) but that career defining victory seems to be missing from May’s Repertoire. This is do to May’s unwillingness to get in there with the best at 147lbs. If he would have fought Margarito, Cotto and Williams we wouldn’t even be having this discussion and win lose or draw he still would have been ranked higher on the all time list then he will be now. It’s not about staying undefeated but about fighting the best oposition out there. Taking on all comers any place anytime. you can’t bypass the hard road for the easy road then say your just as good as the guy who took the hard road. May not only by passed the hard road but has been screaming “I’m the best”. Jordan became Jordan not because of his chips but because of how he won them his willingness to play through the flu, to attempt game winning shots hit or miss and hitting them more often then not. It’s not always about winning but how you play the game, Mayweather has been so focused on winning that he forgot how to play the game he forgot that to be the best you’ve got to beat the best not fighters at the tail end of there career but the best in there prime, not belt holders but the best. There was plenty of talent at 147 for mayweather to have made a damn fine inarguable legacy. He chose not to take that route period. Love him or hate him this fact is undeniable.

    Personally I feel Miguel Angel Cotto was the best we’ve seen a long time. A blast from the past. He was/is symbolic of what boxing used to be taking on all comers no question. Never afraid of putting his record, titles or health on the line. He fought to please the people. He gave the public wha they wanted to see… ALWAYS! You never came away from a Cotto fight thinking “Shit! I wasted my money” You came away thinking “I can’t wait to see him again” many of us even thought to ourselves “I can’t wait until he busts Mayweather’s ass”

    But How about some facts surrounding some of Cotto’s opponents. Paulie was 21-0 when he met Cotto and has gone 6-2 since even becoming IBF champ, Quintana was 23-0 when they met and has gone 5 – 1 since becoming WBO cahmp, Torres was 28-0 when they met and has gone 6 and a very debatable 1 since and regained the WBO title, Mosely was 44-4 when they met and has gone 2-0 since becoming WBO champ, Branco was 36-1 and went 7-1 since, losing his 1st a few weeks ago, Zab was 34-3 and has goone 4-1 since.

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