Bust or Bust

When a college quarterback enters the NFL draft you know almost immediately if he is going to be a quality player in the NFL.  Hyping up players before the draft is nothing new, but this is a bad year for quarterbacks – period.  Regardless of what the media says about either Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen, neither are going to set the world on fire once they’re pros.

What triggered me the most is the way the media was all over Jimmy Clausen because he only threw 2 incomplete passes on his pro day.  So what? The ESPN the Magazine does and article on the way Clausen throws a pretty spiral.  Like any of this is going to translate into him becoming a quality NFL QB.

How about focusing more on how immature he is and that he has an attitude problem?  Getting knocked the hell out after leaving a restaurant should throw up a flare about the kind of negative attention he brings.  He’s a punk and character goes a long way in the NFL (see Matt Ryan).

Sam Bradford gets injured his last year, come back with like 13 lbs. of added muscle and suddenly he’s a stud?  I don’t get it. Brady Quinn is bulging with muscles all over his body and he can’t complete a pass to save his life.  Not to mention he played in the same offensive system as Clausen and it didn’t matter if it was pro-style because he still sucks.  When a quarterback has it you just know it.

The media keeps trying to spin this and blow it up as they always do, but the added attention they give Clausen and Bradford clearly show how bad this draft class is regarding QBs.  Quarterbacks are the poster boys of a franchise and any GM should proceed with extreme caution when drafting either Clausen or Bradford.  It’s like choosing either JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn all over again.  And we all know how well that turned out for those teams.  Face it, either way the drafting teams are screwed.


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