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As an avid sports fan I often comment on all kinds of sports stories and headlines on popular websites such as Yahoo & ESPN.  As a constant figure in on-line sports discussions, I have discovered that many sports writers tend to focus on certain points of a contest, such as its result, more so than the match as a whole.  Too often people focus on who won rather than the entire battle which water downs the accomplishments of the athletes who gave us something to talk about in the first place.  I enjoy sharing my opinion with others which tends to differ than the norm and a more against the grain approach to sports if you will.  As a result of that I created this website to further express my opinion without the confines of a 1000 character limit as those sites often uphold.  Sometimes 1000 characters barely scratch the surface of what needs to be said.  I am not trying to change your opinion and demand I am right in the process, but maybe asking for you to see certain sports topics from a different point of view as I am sure you may enlighten me in return.  This is a not a medium for holier-than-though arrogance but a no nonsense, independently thought & fair sports blog.

-The Rebel Ref


One Response to “About”

  1. Champ Creed Says:

    Smooth Blog fella. Keep up the good work.

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