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Hogan & Flair – It’s Never Real

Posted in Wrestling with tags , , , on November 19, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley

If Ric Flair really could do this damage off a mere slap then he’d be the baddest man on the planet.

Woooo!  The latest chapter in the ongoing feud between “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan had the world buzzing for about 12 whole minutes.    TMZ was the 1st to break the story that a “real fight” between the two legendary wrestlers took place while promoting a wrestling match down under.  Hogan’s camp said it was not a publicity stunt and that the fight, as well as the injuries, was entirely real…and people actually bought it.

I love pro wrestling as much as the next guy and the idea of a Hogan-Flair match doesn’t mean what it did in the 80s or 90s, but it still doesn’t need this kind of PR garbage.  People love nostalgia and if Flair & Hogan are willing to do this dance for another 30 years then people will still flock to see it.  Wrestling fans are the most devoted fan base on Earth and they’ll continue to line up even after Hogan beats Flair for the gazillionth time.  “Hulkmania” has been running wild since the early 80s and it will never ever die.  Flair is the last “rassler” in my opinion and it doesn’t matter if the fight was real or not because Hogan-Flair is still as big a main event as you can get.

Those of you who thought, even for a nanosecond, that the altercation was real then you need to see this video:

Hogan and Flair are the two biggest wrestlers of all-time.  While Hogan and Flair’s insults during the video are very personal, the fight however was not.  It’s cool though because we love them anyway.  All of their celebrated encounters captured our imaginations and still do.  That’s why people had to find out about this “fight”.  The real story is how two men, at this advanced stage in their careers as well as age, still manage to stay relevant in pop culture.  It’s 2009 and yet they still capture headlines.  That’s true staying power.  It’s what made them true living legends in the 1st place.  It’s why we’ll still tune in even when this fight heads to an old folks home.  The only real twist than can come out of this is that the winner gets Bigfoot in a steel cage on New Year’s Eve.  Even then it still wouldn’t outdo a Hogan-Flair match.


Hogan Not Acting Like A Hero

Posted in Wrestling with tags , , , , on August 25, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley
Can hulk Hogan tell who is kissing him these days?  Left: Jennifer McDaniel - Right:  Brook Hogan

Can Hulk Hogan tell who is kissing him these days? Left: Jennifer McDaniel - Right: Brooke Hogan

Does this picture freak anyone else out?  A relationship between father and daughter is a special but Hulkamania is running a little bit too wild these days dating his daughter Brooke’s body double.  The picture above was taken from a recent concert in Miami for Brooke’s comeback that aired on Brooke’s reality show “Brooke Knows Best” in which Hulk Hogan made a special appearance.  After seeing this I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore.  I want to be fair to one of my childhood heroes but the more I see this unfold the more it wigs me out.  From Brooke taking a peek at her father in the shower at a spa to the Hulkster applying sunscreen to Brooke’s derriere now has Hulk crossing into something disgustingly bizarre.  Sharing an intimate moment with a Brooke look-alike is body slamming the fantastic reputation Hogan built for himself as pro wrestling’s eminent figure along with all his charity work.  Hogan is a good person and unquestionable a great father in many respects but he needs to leg drop his sickness with some professional help.  Ugh, Hogan say your prayers, eat your vitamins and get straight because one father to another: lusting on your daughter is just plain sick.