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MMA Monsters – P4P

Posted in MMA with tags , , , , , , on May 14, 2010 by Dallas O'Malley

1) Georges St. Pierre

Regardless of whether you think he’s a safety 1st wrestler, the fact remains is that he always faces top opposition and always brings his best performance in the cage…every…single…time.  The complete fighter.
2) Anderson Silva

Has been reduced to strictly a counter striker.  He only excels when others come forward.  Against passive opponents, Silva has failed miserably.  He cannot push the action and his foolishness just illustrate his insecurities.  Looking to pick on smaller men like GSP is pathetic too.
3) Fedor Emelianenko

The only knock against “The Last Emperor” is the lack of activity.  If he fought more often he’d be #2.
4) Mauricio Rua

Because knocking out Lyoto Machida to win the light heavyweight championship should be enough to get you in anyone’s top 5.  Shogun was magnificent in both fights. He looks like the Shogun that tore through Pride and the UFC might finally have a dominant LHW champion on their hands.

5) Jose Aldo

Aldo may be the least known on the list, but he certainly deserves to be one of the most appreciated.  His fights look like an arcade game due to his stupendous skills.  After stomping Urijah Faber, the Aldo era has no apparent end in sight.


UFC 113 – Pick’em

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The UFC’s mindset lately has been more quantity than quality.  Although every now and then in the UFC’s flooded PPV schedule you will find one that will not allow you to take any bathroom breaks.  UFC 113 is one of those cards and has been marked on my calendar for months.  No Kimbo talk here (because it’s not worth the space) but this card has fights really worth talking about:

Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley

Two loud mouth jerks.  One a bruising British striker.  The other an American wrestler who wants to be a striker (see Chuck Liddell and Rashad Evans).  Each wishing to become the next in line to challenge, and I use that word lightly, for Georges St. Pierre’s welterweight championship.

Koscheck has been on the brink of a 2nd title shot for seems to be an eternity.  Paul Daley is one of the hottest rising stars in the promotion’s deepest division.  He’s left a path of broken and busted bodies since crashing onto the UFC scene.  Josh Koshceck has been up and down over the past few years. Although the current form of Koscheck arms the perfect foil for Daley’s championship hopes.  So who wins?

Pick:  Josh Koscheck

Simply put, Koscheck finally remembered his meal ticket has always been his wrestling.  By going back to the basics he thrashed Anthony Johnson.  Daley has plenty of trouble holding his own against strong wrestlers.  There is nothing that would have me believe Daley has corrected this problem.  Koscheck will use his superior wrestling and extinguish Daley from any talk about title contention.

Light Heavyweight Championship : Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio Rua

This is what mixed martials arts is all about.

Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida almost effortlessly tore through the division on his way to the top.  No one had been able to even brush Machida much less connect with a meaningful shot.  Then along came Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.  Shogun did what most people thought was impossible.  He made Machida look mortal.  He came into the 1st fight with a brilliant game plan pushed Machida to his breaking point.  It was a masterful performance by Shogun, but too bad it wasn’t enough.

The controversy that followed prompted an immediate rematch.  Fight fans are beaming for another fight between these two geniuses of the sport.

Pick:  Lyoto Machida

Lyoto Machida was thrown for a loop when Shogun approached the fight the way he did. It forced him to dig down deep and pull a razor thin decision.  That said more about Lyoto Machida than many of his other wins.  Shogun will undoubtedly have another surprising plan but Machida is maybe the most intelligent fighter in the UFC.  Machida will be more evolved, more aware and better prepared for anything Shogun has in store for the rematch.  He’ll be ready for anything and he will add to his growing legend by winning a clear decision.

Shogun Will Get Shown The Door By Machida

Posted in MMA with tags , , , , on October 21, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley
Machida pummeled a prime and game Rashad Evans his last time out. Will Rua fare better?  Probably not.

Machida pummeled a prime and game Rashad Evans his last time out. Will Rua fare better? Probably not.

There’s an old saying that you’re not really the champion until you successfully defend your title.  The last man to do it in the UFC’s light heavyweight division was Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. That was 3 champions ago.  Since then every man after Jackson has failed to retain the title in his 1st championship defense.  That streak will be broken when current champ, Lyoto Machida, disposes of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua like last Sunday’s sale papers.

Rua is a great fighter and legend in the sport, but this is not the same “Shogun” that dazzled us in Pride.  There’s no doubt he can still fight at a high level but he got his shot by knocking out Chuck Liddell whose jaw is softer than a bowl of Jell-O these days.  Age and too many wars in the cage will do that to you.

Rua’s KO of Liddell would be more valuable circa 2005.

Rua’s KO of Liddell would be more valuable circa 2005.

I love Chuck Liddell as much as the next guy but he has been put to sleep 3 times in last 5 fights including his last 2 outings.  A win over “The Iceman” doesn’t raise your game much these days.  Had it been done 4 years ago then that would be a different story.  Today beating up Liddell really just amounts to having a famous name on your resume, nothing else.  So why Rua’s victory over Liddell constituted a title shot is beyond me.  The only logical explanation is that the UFC brass had to throw Machida a bone so he would not sit idle for too long.

This Saturday you will see the most destructive Machida yet. He is going to show the world that Rua’s title contending victory was nothing more than record padding.  It’s sad but true.

Rua’s previous 2 fights prior to knocking out Liddell:  submission loss to Forrest Griffin and a lackluster TKO win against a 44 year old Mark Coleman.  Not exactly the track record one would want before taking on one of the sport’s elite fighters.

Even so, Rua-Machida is an excellent fight because both men will bring it.  When the cage door closes anything can happen.  Rua can win the fight.  He will certainly come guns blazing.  While I can make a list of reasons of why Rua can win the fight, it doesn’t compare to the list of reasons why Machida will win the fight.

Machida will win, and then he can focus on his 4 additional desired defenses before taking on Brock Lennar.  That‘s a topic for another day though.  The bottom line for this Saturday is that the legend of Machida will grow and it will be at Rua’s expense and reputation.  That’s the fight game and that is what you can expect at UFC104.  It will be exciting…while it lasts.

Karate Is Back! Or Is It?

Posted in MMA with tags , , , on September 10, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley
Karate was a joke until Lyoto Machida put the UFC’s best to sleep with it.

Karate was a joke until Lyoto Machida put the UFC’s best to sleep with it.

Moments after Lyoto Machida knocked out Rashad Evans for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship Machida shouted, “Karate is back!” and I could already see loads of MMA t-shirts stamped with his newly coined catchphrase.  Here we are all these months later and still no “Karate Is Back” t-shirts.  With all the MMA style shirts floating around why isn’t Machida’s proclamation for karate not getting any play?  Where’s the commercial with Machida and Ralph Macchio endorsing the shirt manufacturer who would pick this great idea up?  I am a sucker for screen printed t-shirts and I know this would work regardless of the likely backlash for its corny message.  Machida makes a great point though and the fact that the reigning UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre is seeking Machida’s help with his own karate says it all.  When the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world is looking to polish up his karate then I’d say it’s safe to say Machida is right.  Now I just want to say: I…want…my…damn…t-shirt!

Klitschko Leads Charge For Fight Hype Reform

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Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko puts on stellar performances in and out of the ring.

Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko puts on stellar performances in and out of the ring.

As a big fan of the fight game I’ve been subjected to many fights hyped by idiotic and planned shoving matches.  Too many times I’ve seen some miscreant shoot his overbearing mouth off or try to use street methods of promoting a fight.  When I heard about boxing’s top moron Floyd Mayweather Jr. rolling up in a tricked out armored truck I was truly disgusted.  Is this what fight hyping has come to?  Then to hear him brag about his new 10,000 or 20,000 square foot home, apparently he can’t make up his mind, when he owes millions to the IRS makes me sick but Floyd knows this will sell his fight to those easily entertained by his high school antics.  Then comes the WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko who reminds me that there are some athletes that remember the fact you can be a gentleman and a fierce competitor at the same time.  We live in a society that would have us believe that in order to be tough you must be a product of the streets and there in is the only way to sell a fight is to display that thug mentality.  That could not be further from the truth.  (Paging Kimbo Slice.  Paging Kimbo Slice) Klitschko faces a top ranking contender in Cristobal Arreola on September 26 and rather than take verbal cheap shots at his opponent, the champ showers him with praise and does not make any predictions that he will win the fight.  He just merely says both he and his opponent have an equal chance of winning the fight thanks to their hard-hitting ways.   As surprising as it is to hear a guy who makes his living by pummeling other men Klitschko also remains an upstanding citizen during the promotion.  Klitschko was recently touched by the bravery displayed by the L.A firefighters in their fight to rid of the recent forest fires that threaten its citizens.  Therefore Klitschko gave the firefighters 100 tickets to his fight against Arreola as token of his appreciation for their noble efforts.   Klitschko’s selfless act is a genuine gesture to those who keep us safe and that is the mark of an outstanding man.

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida is always the consummate professional.

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida is always the consummate professional.

Did it hype his fight?  Yes, but it certainly didn’t come at the expense of any broken tables, black eyes or torn clothing at a press conference.  Mayweather wouldn’t even buy his father a seat for his fight against Oscar De La Hoya.  Even though Floyd was at odds with the man he still could have done the right thing and purchased him a ticket.  Klitschko, who holds a PH.D in sports science and philosophy, fights in an awkward stance and almost robotic but he always brings the fight to the fans.  Fans love a knock out and Klitschko has scored a KO in 36 of his 37 wins.  There are plenty of reasons to like Vitali Klitschko and even more reason to say he is good for boxing but his recent stand gives me something more to cheer about when it comes to boxing.  He’s not alone as there is a selective few that remains both pleasantly polite in public and pleasingly violent in the ring or cage.  Lyoto Machida, George St. Pierre, Anderson Silva and Mauricio Rua are the MMA stars that come to mind to echo Klitschko’s efforts in maintaining civility in combat sports.   Too often we focus on those who act like fools and shun those who actually do their sport some good.   We have rewarded those who infect our beloved sports with their shameless acts of self-promotion for far too long.  In medieval times men were often cordial to each other before dueling and sometimes those battles led to death therefore is no reason why today’s top athletes cannot do the same for their sport.  It’s a shame to see we’ve regressed in our way of thinking but it’s time for us to appreciate the fine example Klitschko, St. Pierre, Machida, Silva and Rua have set.  Klitschko may fight in an awkward stance but he always puts the right foot forward when representing his sport.  That is a knock out in itself.