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NFL Throwdown Week 13

Posted in NFL with tags , , , , , on December 8, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley

Favre: “Ok you got me this time but did you see the way I was playing before this game?”

  • How good is Vince Young?  Not good enough to beat Peyton Manning.  Then again who is these days?
  • Let’s welcome back the New York football Giants.
  • The Green Bay Packers are shaping up to potentially be the most dangerous team in January provided they clinch a playoff berth.  For the 2nd straight year Aaron Rodgers is having a Pro Bowl type of year but no one seems to notice.
  • Michael Vick’s 1st touchdown since being released from prison came against his old club the Falcons.  Talk about irony.
  • The Broncos & Chargers both won against weak teams and both will make the AFC West the hottest division in the conference.
  • Kurt Warner won the battle of the middle agers over Brett Favre.
  • The Patriots are in elite company along with the Texans and Jennifer Aniston. They have everything anybody could want but unable to close the deal and everybody wonders why.
  • The Raiders stole a victory from the Steelers and Bruce Gradkowski is suddenly 2-1 in his last 3 starts.
  • Mike Tomlin says his team is “average” but losing 4 in a row including 2 games to the Chiefs and the Raiders is actually below average to say the very least.
  • The Saints never gave up and like all great teams, they found a way to win.  Brees was relentless and flashed a brass set they way he aggressively attacked the Redskins’ defense in the clutch.  The Saints are becoming a team of destiny.

Robert Meachem scored a touchdown at the only time Sean Payton ever cheered when Drew Brees threw an interception.

The Steelers couldn’t hold on to Bruce Gradkowski and seemingly lost their grip on their playoff hopes.


NFL Throwdown Week 9

Posted in NFL with tags , , , , on November 11, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley
  • Note to Jerry Porter:  making the Patriots mad with useless trash talk is not the right way to approach the game.  They will make you pay for it as they already did.
  • Tom Brady is steadily improving and his 3-1 TD-to INT ratio is impressive and yet no one is talking about it.  Is the media blind to his brilliance?
  • How bad are things for Aaron Rodgers?  First he gets pimp slapped by the legend he is trying to replace then he can’t beat the lowly Bucs giving them their 1st win of the season.  Packer Nation is not saying it, but you know they are wishing a certain #4 would have never been forced out.
  • Larry Johnson may not be that stupid after all. He got himself ousted before he had to endure another embarrassing loss.  This time to the Jags.
  • No, LJ really is that dumb. He forgot playing in the NFL is a privilege.
  • Matt Ryan struggling?  Who spews this nonsense?  The Falcons are still flying high even if the coach fights with opposing players.
  • Hall of Famer John Riggins was dead on with his assessment of the lost fundamentals in the game by today’s players.  He might have been right about the Redskins too for that matter.
  • The Bengals are for real and the Ravens just teased us.
  • The Texans challenged the Colts and they have closed the distance between them and their division rivals.  The Colts’ Jim Caldwell is the most worthless coach I have ever seen.  How did he get that job anyway?
  • Matt Schaub has already thrown for a career high in season touchdown passes.  The running back merry-go-round keeps going with Slaton apparently reinstated as the starter.
  • Even when things are going well for the Lions, they tend to always find a way to give games away.  Their fans deserve some kind of kick back for supporting them.
  • The Seahawks and Bears are things of the past.
  • What happened to the 49ers?
  • For the 1st time the Saints start off 8-0 and looking like they might clinch the division and the conference by week 12 or 13.  The only knock on the Saints is that they tell their secrets too much.  Don’t tell people the magic in your Kool-Aid.  Giving them too much insight will to disaster and disappointment.
  • The Giants can’t win these days.  Not even when there is only 21 seconds left on the clock.  Phillip Rivers may not have a ring but he got the last laugh against the guy the Chargers negotiated for.  The ring counts for more though Phillip.  So don’t let it get to your head like everything else does.
  • The Cowboys are back on top of the NFC and no one really cares which begs to wonder why they keep getting all the primetime slots?
  • Michael Vick wants out of Philly.  Hell I don’t blame him.
  • The gig is up.  The Broncos lost 2 in a row and just like last year, they see the Chargers running up on them in the rear view mirror.  No not déjà vu.  It’s the 21st century Broncos.  New coach & talent.  Same results.

NFL Week 2 Throwdown

Posted in NFL with tags , , on September 23, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley

NFL Week 2 Throwdown

Another exciting week of football is now in the books so let’s take a look at the interesting headlines of week 2:

  • Drew Brees is from another planet.  It’s hard not to mention the Saints in all the Superbowl discussions.
  • The Eagles are actually considering putting Michael Vick ahead of Jeff Garcia on the QB depth chart. Crazy.
  • Will the real Tom Brady please stand up?  Or can he get a running game going for some much needed balance?
  • Rex Ryan swears that the Jets’ win was not a fluke.
  • Why is everybody talking about Kurt Warner’s 92% completion percentage last week?   Like going 24-for-26 is really hard to do?
  • The Rams have already begun packing their bags for relocation to London.
  • Tony Gonzalez has found the NFL’s fountain of youth.  My dark horse Falcons pick isn’t looking too comical now does it?
  • The Lions cannot sell out and I’m left wondering why?
  • Signing a 40-year-old quarterback to make your team a contender is the new black.  Jeff George, you may get a call buddy.
  • Go ahead and buy your lottery tickets now.  The Bengals actually beat a good football team, the Packers, on the road.
  • Was that really Matt Schaub?
  • The best thing in K.C is still the barbecue.
  • Bail on a misdemeanor gun charge: $10K.  Lawyer fees for appeal:  $15K.  80 hours of community service: $0.  20/20 hindsight of allowing a potential stud like Fred Jackson make a case to take your starting job:  priceless.
  • The Jay Culter-Kyle Orton talk may get a little interesting now.
  • America rejoiced when the Cowboys lost their home opener in their new stadium.  I know I did.
  • The new approach to beating the Colts is not to allow Peyton Manning to touch the ball at all.
  • Chad Pennington forgot that last shot Hail Mary passes are supposed to be high and up for grabs; not line drive laser passes.
  • Ray Lewis put on a linebacker clinic in San Diego.  Did you take notes Merriman?
  • Mike Singletary’s old school approach of swiftly kicking his team’s asses seems to be working in San Francisco.  There’s nothing wrong with a little tough love now is there Vernon Davis?

And there you have it.  Holla back…if you hear me.

2009 NFL Season Wish List

Posted in NFL with tags , , , , , on August 30, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley

As Labor Day nears so does NFL Kickoff Weekend.  On September 9 the reigning King of American Sports returns to give us another exhilarating 5 ½ months of pro football.  Like countless others on every Sunday and Monday from now till Mardi Gras I’ll be parked with loved ones on hand watching and talking football.  There is no shortage of storylines to be played out this NFL season but as always there are some topics that just…don’t…die.  Some need to be revisited while others are as old and pointless as crotch-less panties.  Regardless of where you lie on these stories that will dominate the headlines here are 3 things I would like to see happen this season:

It’s Best To Let A Dead Dog Lie

It seems like Michael Vick will be running forever from the dog fighting charges.

It seems like Michael Vick will be running forever from the dog fighting charges.

I know I’ll catch some flak for this especially the title and I know what Michael Vick did was a hideous not to mention immoral act but he did his time.  He paid his dues to society and currently paying them to the NFL as well.  What more do people want from him?  He lost everything: his money, his assets and not to mention 2 years of his life in the prime of his career.  Everyone deserves a second chance and he has his in the NFL.  Instead of really discussing how the Eagles are going to utilize him on the field, it merely serves as an opening point of discussion about how people are going to react to him wherever he goes.  We’ve all in a situation we fully regret.  We all know what’s it’s like to apologize a thousand time for something yet wish there was something we could have done to get past it all.  Michael Vick is in that same position.  Just the mere fact that a high profile celebrity athlete like Vick was convicted serves as a precedent when so many countless others walked away from arguably more revolting crimes.  I am not a fan of Michael Vick and never have been but I was glad at the overall warm reception he received at his preseason debut. I’ll be the first to say let the man play and get his life back together.  We all would want the same thing so we in turn should give it back to him.

For Brett Favre To Join The ‘Best Athletes Over 40 Club’

It will take longer to get used to seeing Favre in purple & gold than it will be for him to make an impact this season.

It will take longer to get used to seeing Favre in purple & gold than it will be for him to make an impact this season.

Time has never been kind to athletes.  We don’t like to see out heroes struggle in the twilights of their careers in a sport they once dominated.  Brett Favre’s reunion with Brad Childress in Minnesota has created a ruthless tremor in network stations and lockerooms alike.  There has been a mountain of speculation that the Kiln, MS’ favorite son has divided the players and his poor performance in his only preseason appearance amplified the negativity against him.  The talk about him needing to hang with teammates is ridiculous.  He’s only been there a little over a week.  How close would you be at a new job where 71% of the people who worked there were less that 10 years old when you first started out in the business?  He’ll be 40 years old this season and there is an obvious generation gap between him and his teammates.  It will take time to find that commonplace between them.  John Elway felt the same way in the last years of his career.  Like Elway, the place where Favre’s chemistry with them matters most in on the field and not off the field.  Plenty of legendary teammates didn’t get along so why is there pressure of what Favre ‘needs’ to do to relate? Favre commands the huddle and he always earns that respect from his teammates regardless of what they though of him personally.  Also Favre was playing well until his bicep injury surfaced.  He did play poorly down the stretch but he had good reason, which is why I am pulling for him to make another glorious comeback after many doubted his aging ability again.  Favre is the Randy Couture of the NFL and he will show everyone age is just a number when it comes to the most famous #4.  Just give him time.

Already Read the Story…Already Know the Ending

Unfortunately for us T.O is not satisfied with letting his play do his talking.

Unfortunately for us T.O is not satisfied with letting his play do his talking.

Please for all that is scared and good…. do not put a microphone in T.O’s face!  I know this is wishful thinking big time but how many times can we honestly listen to Owens bash another quarterback, organization, etc.?  It’s not a surprise anymore and regardless of what his pitiful reality shows is trying to portray him as, we all know he what he truly is.  There is no reason to cover an occurrence that has repeated every season since becoming the NFL’s premiere ‘look-at-me’ athlete.  We all wondered why Charlie Brown kept trying to kick the football out of Lucy’s hold knowing she was just going to pull it back which leaves me with the same astonishment about what the attraction is in watching a ho like Owens act like one.

There are more stories I would like to see go away but we can’t get everything we want so I would just be happy with these small requests.  With that being said, I’d like to add that I could do without or trade all three of these wishes for a black & gold Superbowl.  The French Quarter would burn to the ground in the likely record setting championship riots that would take place if the Saints won the Superbowl and it would be a small price to pay.  The city is still rebuilding so I think we can handle rebuilding the French Quarter for the sake of the Lombardi Trophy.  While I’m making wishes I might as well go for it all.