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Off Season Forecast

Posted in NFL with tags , , , on March 9, 2010 by Dallas O'Malley

The NFL off season has been a turbulent one.  There is so much going on that there are some things that needed to be pointed out.  As the draft gets closer it’s only going to get crazier.  It seems every team is on the bubble and here are some issues I’d like to address:

Delhomme Is Not Done

The recession is still hurting a lot of people and one of the latest employment casualties is former Carolina Panthers QB Jake Delhomme.  The rap on pride of Beaux Bridge, LA is that he is done.  That he’s going to have to settle for a backup role.  It maybe true if he plans to play for a contender, but there are a few clubs out there that could use his game-managing services as a starter.  Probably none more so than the Cleveland Browns.  They just signed a Scott Fujita for 3 years/$14 million so it’s safe to say that they could afford to add Delhomme to their payroll.  Secondly, their choices at quarterback are Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson.  Delhomme’s resume makes him like Brett Favre when comparing him to the Brown’s two ineffective signal callers.  The Bills are in a good spot to land Tim Tebow in the draft therefore making the Browns Delhomme’s best option for 2010.  Now Mike Holmgren just needs to pick up the phone, make the call and get it done.

The NFC North Still Belongs to Minnesota

So the Bears added Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor.  So what?  As of right now, they just look like the Redskins of the NFC North and that’s not nearly good enough to dethrone the Minnesota Vikings The Vikes are still the most complete team in the division and the Bears don’t have enough weapons available for Jay Cutler to make a serious run.  The Bears can’t save coach Lovie Smith from certain death by having Cutler live off of screen passes to Matt Forte, check downs to Taylor and slant passes to Johnny Knox.  Until they get a big target for Cutler’s big arm then nothing will change, and the North crown will remain firmly on Favre’s cranium.

Bengals Need To Break Bad Habits

Brandon Marshall should be the runaway choice between he and T.O

The words troublesome and playmaker often go together in the NFL.  Never more so true when talking about wide receivers.  It’s a quarterback driven league so you can never have too many weapons at your franchise’s QB’s disposal.  Adding to his arsenal is always a popular route to take for today’s GM’s.  The Cincinnati Bengals are attempting to snatch a top notch WR for Carson Palmer but for some reason can’t decide between outlaw receiver Brandon Marshall, or the man who wrote the book “How To Act Like A NFL Diva” – Terrell Owens.  Under no circumstance, absolutely none, should this decision take longer than a Mike Tyson fight in the 80s.  Both guys are conflicted but there is no upside when adding T.O to your roster.  Marshall will cost you more, but he’s younger and there is still hope for an attitude makeover.  T.O is the equivalent to a black hole in the NFL.  Even if the Bengals signed him on for the league minimum, it would still not be worth the trouble.  It’s no surprise some of the thugs on their current roster are lobbying for T.O, and if it comes to fruition then the Bengals deserve everything they get.


NFL Throwdown Week 11

Posted in NFL with tags , , , , , on November 24, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley
  • The Dallas Cowboys are the worst team with a 7-3 record.
  • Ricky Williams, yes that Ricky Williams, scored 3 touchdowns to put the Dolphins firmly back in the wildcard hunt.
  • The Panthers are almost there.  Almost there.
  • The Redskins change their coach and they still suck.  Maybe Dan Schneider should be listen to what John Riggins has to say.
  • The most exciting game of the week came from the lowly Lions and the even lower Browns.  Matt Stafford makes history as the 1st rookie to toss 5TDs in a game.  What was most impressive is how he manned up and threw the game winning TD after injuring his shoulder the play before.
  • Maybe almost as impressive was the fact that Brady Quinn actually battled Stafford stroke for stroke in a who-da-thunk-it shoot out.
  • With Favre and the Vikings out of the way, the Packers are looking like a football team again with a 2nd win in a row.  With a decent remaining schedule it’s ok for Packers fans to start talking playoffs.
  • I know Ben Roethlisberger got hurt, but how in the hell did the Steelers lose to the Chiefs?!  Where there any riots following the Chief’s victory?  If not then should have been.
  • Even though they have been on the wrong end of the scoreboard the last couple of game, the 49ers have plenty to be excited about considering their future.
  • When someone says coaching doesn’t weigh as much as talent, tell that to the Seattle Seahawks and see what they tell you.
  • Is it me or is Brett Favre getting better every week?  Is there any doubt that the Vikings are the team to beat in the NFC?  There shouldn’t be.
  • The Giants end their 4 game losing streak by beating the suddenly defunct Falcons.
  • The Jaguars have risen to 6-4 and no one has noticed.  Not even their hometown cares.  The most exciting thing for them is who won the office pool that week.
  • It’s week 11, another Bills’ loss and no T.O explosion?  What is really going on here?
  • The Cardinals beat the Rams.  Shocker.
  • Free Steven Jackson! Free Steven Jackson!  Get him out of St. Louis!  A good running back is a terrible thing to waste!
  • The Eagles crushed the Bears’ hopes of a playoff berth.
  • With Ja-Garbage Russell benched, the Raiders upset the Bengals.  Did the Cardiac Cats go into cardiac arrest this Sunday?
  • You can officially close the book on the Broncos…again.
  • Tom Brady and the Patriots are finally balancing their attack and they are the team to beat regardless of record.
  • The Colts edge out the Ravens to remain undefeated.  It doesn’t matter what happens to this team they always find a way to win.  Sounds like a championship team if you ask me.
  • The Saints won their 1st game in Tampa since the Jon Gruden era.  This was the tune up they needed as the Saints get ready to host his majesty, King Brady, and his Patriot army next week on Monday Night Football.
  • ESPN’s panel for MNF sucked the sweat off of Vince Young’s ass.  The real story of the game is that the Texans again couldn’t close the show and the primer for next Monday’s matchup of the Patriots and Saints.

NFL Throwdown Week 7

Posted in NFL with tags , , , , on October 27, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley
  • Joining Vernon Davis in the “Back From the Dead Club” is Alex Smith.  He played great in a surprise appearance against the Texans.  A late rally against the Texans is nothing to sneer at.  Hopefully Smith can continue where he left on off on Sunday and keep himself out of the Ryan Leaf and Andre Ware conversations.
  • The Texans are finally realizing their potential and did so by staying healthy.  Then Andre Johnson gets hurt.  Kevin Walter go ahead and pinch yourself.  You’re the #1 receiver now.
  • The Packers got their confidence builder before their rematch with Favre & the Vikings by demolishing the Browns.  Let’s start a pool on when Derek Anderson will complete at least 50% of his passes.
  • The NFL’s biggest studio gangster, Larry Johnson, rips head coach after another embarrassing loss.  LJ tweeted (funny how all these tough guys tweet their thoughts instead of coming out and dealing with the issue head on) that the coach is too inexperienced for the job.  Maybe he needs to reflect on his 2.7 yards a carry and take care of his job before worrying about someone else’s.
  • The Colts and Rams…ah you already know what happened here.
  • Someone needs to explain the difference between a trip and pass blocking to the referees of the Vikings-Steelers game.
  • The Patriots travel across the pond to route the Bucs in a game that wasn’t all that impressive for their part.  At least with the upcoming bye week they can regroup and play like the team we all remember.
  • The best highlight of the Jets-Raiders game was Mark Sanchez trying to be smooth and snack on a hot dog during the game.  It was even better than JaMarcus Russell finally getting benched.
  • The Bills beat the Panthers.  Not even T.O cares.
  • Carson Palmer is a showoff.  At least that’s what Jay Cutler said anyway.
  • The Eagles get a sloppy win over the lackluster Redskins and the ESPN crew continues to kiss Donovan McNabb’s ass.
  • The Saints let any doubt about them to rest with one of the biggest comebacks in team history against the Dolphins.
  • You know Ricky Williams laid off the wacko tobacco last week so he could focus on getting back at the Saints with a solid game.  It was all for nothing, Ricky.  You go back to burning now.
  • Damn the Cowboys.  Better yet damn the Falcons for allowing the Cowboys to give the sports media something positive to say about them.
  • The Cardinals won the most boring Sunday night game of the season thus far over the Giants.


NFL Week 3 Throwdown

Posted in NFL with tags , , , , , on October 1, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley

What a season this one is turning out to be.  With each passing game a new twist develops in the NFL and here are the foot notes of week 3:

  • No AP, no problem because Brett Favre is still Brett Favre.
  • Despite being victims of another Brett Favre comeback, you still have to be impressed with Mike Singletary’s 49ers who showed they can compete with the conference’s elite.  They have been the most interesting story coming from the city since the tiger that escaped from the zoo killing a man and mauling two others.
  • I can’t believe I’m going to say this but….how ‘bout them Bengals?!
  • “3” is the magic number for high profile rookie quarterbacks this season: Matt Stafford got the Lions their 1st win since December ’07 in his 3rd try; Mark Sanchez became the 1st rookie QB to go 3-0 in his first three starts.
  • The Patriots look more like the club from ’04 than the undefeated team of ’07 but the flip side is that they last won the Superbowl in 2004.
  • The Broncos are the least talked about undefeated team in the league despite beating teams like the Raiders and the Browns.
  • Who said pint-sized receivers are out?  Tell that to DeSean Jackson.
  • T.O’s streak is broken but no QB bashing at the post-game press conference?  What’s up with that?  Oh, I forgot its only week 3.  What was I thinking?  He saves that stuff for later on.
  • The Saints continue to march on and look awfully scary in doing so.
  • Da Bears barely escaped the Seahawks and were not fazed by those hideous lime green jerseys.
  • Even Chris Berman can’t put a funny spin on the Rams’ woes.  They’ve lost 13 in a row dating back to last season and could be worse than the ’09 Lions.
  • The Jets and Ravens are both 3-0.  Did you ever think you’d ever be able to say that seriously?
  • There was a game played in Tampa Bay but only the Giants showed up.
  • Peyton Manning clipped the Cardinals’ wings and reminded Warner no matter what insignificant record he may break, Peyton is still the man.
  • Pennington is already working on becoming the 2010 Comeback Player of the Year.

NFL Going UFC Part 2

Posted in MMA, NFL with tags , , , , , on September 18, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley

Due to the overwhelming response I received for my first piece on “NFL Going UFC” a follow up to that particular blog made sense.  Therefore I decided to throw in some more names that made the cut but not included in the original post.  These guys are no less deserving and would provide us with some good television.  The way this is shaping out I may have to contact Dana White and tell him that season 11 should exclusively be football players.  So without further adieu here is some more of my dream football UFC cast:

Heavyweight – Kellen Winslow II (6’4” 240lbs)

Winslow’s warrior attitude is perfect for the UFC.

Winslow’s warrior attitude is perfect for the UFC.

“It’s war…they’re out there to kill you…so I’m’a kill ‘em…I’m a fuckin’ soldier” Ah yes, Winslow’s tirades would be Spike TV gold.  I can just hear these words uttered throughout the TUF house thus forcing this bad boy from “The U” to prove his bite is as bad his bark.  You can’t tell me a match between he and Shockey would anything less than intoxicating to watch.

Heavyweight – Craig ‘Ironhead’ Heyward (5’11” 280lbs)

Opponents of “Ironhead” might break their hands against his titanium cranium.

Opponents of “Ironhead” might break their hands against his titanium cranium.

May the big guy rest in peace but a truly lovable and tough guy like “Ironhead” is the perfect antidote to the hot heads that seem to find their way onto these shows.  Any guy who sports the name “Ironhead” would have to put his moniker to the test.  What better way than in the cage?  With his hilarious Zest body soap commercials he’d be the perfect pitchman in the even he would win.  He would certainly be the comic relief in the house only to be contrastingly different once the cage door closes.

Heavyweight – T.O (6’3” 224lbs)

I detest T.O but I’d love to see him get his ass beat.

I detest T.O but I’d love to see him get his ass beat.

This is actually should be a Strikeforce entry.  T.O would have to compete in their women’s heavyweight division because he is a straight up bitch.  Maybe Cyborg can bulk up, pound on T.O and really give him a something to cry about.  Sorry, just had to say it.

Athtletes have a hard time in retirement.  They often say nothing in life replaces the rush they experienced in the game.  Maybe that is why some are pursuing a second career in fighting.  It’s the sport that requires the most discipline and that perhaps gives the athlete in question the drive he needs.  America loves violent sports therefore combining our two most brutal sports, football and mma, only seems right.

2009 NFL Season Wish List

Posted in NFL with tags , , , , , on August 30, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley

As Labor Day nears so does NFL Kickoff Weekend.  On September 9 the reigning King of American Sports returns to give us another exhilarating 5 ½ months of pro football.  Like countless others on every Sunday and Monday from now till Mardi Gras I’ll be parked with loved ones on hand watching and talking football.  There is no shortage of storylines to be played out this NFL season but as always there are some topics that just…don’t…die.  Some need to be revisited while others are as old and pointless as crotch-less panties.  Regardless of where you lie on these stories that will dominate the headlines here are 3 things I would like to see happen this season:

It’s Best To Let A Dead Dog Lie

It seems like Michael Vick will be running forever from the dog fighting charges.

It seems like Michael Vick will be running forever from the dog fighting charges.

I know I’ll catch some flak for this especially the title and I know what Michael Vick did was a hideous not to mention immoral act but he did his time.  He paid his dues to society and currently paying them to the NFL as well.  What more do people want from him?  He lost everything: his money, his assets and not to mention 2 years of his life in the prime of his career.  Everyone deserves a second chance and he has his in the NFL.  Instead of really discussing how the Eagles are going to utilize him on the field, it merely serves as an opening point of discussion about how people are going to react to him wherever he goes.  We’ve all in a situation we fully regret.  We all know what’s it’s like to apologize a thousand time for something yet wish there was something we could have done to get past it all.  Michael Vick is in that same position.  Just the mere fact that a high profile celebrity athlete like Vick was convicted serves as a precedent when so many countless others walked away from arguably more revolting crimes.  I am not a fan of Michael Vick and never have been but I was glad at the overall warm reception he received at his preseason debut. I’ll be the first to say let the man play and get his life back together.  We all would want the same thing so we in turn should give it back to him.

For Brett Favre To Join The ‘Best Athletes Over 40 Club’

It will take longer to get used to seeing Favre in purple & gold than it will be for him to make an impact this season.

It will take longer to get used to seeing Favre in purple & gold than it will be for him to make an impact this season.

Time has never been kind to athletes.  We don’t like to see out heroes struggle in the twilights of their careers in a sport they once dominated.  Brett Favre’s reunion with Brad Childress in Minnesota has created a ruthless tremor in network stations and lockerooms alike.  There has been a mountain of speculation that the Kiln, MS’ favorite son has divided the players and his poor performance in his only preseason appearance amplified the negativity against him.  The talk about him needing to hang with teammates is ridiculous.  He’s only been there a little over a week.  How close would you be at a new job where 71% of the people who worked there were less that 10 years old when you first started out in the business?  He’ll be 40 years old this season and there is an obvious generation gap between him and his teammates.  It will take time to find that commonplace between them.  John Elway felt the same way in the last years of his career.  Like Elway, the place where Favre’s chemistry with them matters most in on the field and not off the field.  Plenty of legendary teammates didn’t get along so why is there pressure of what Favre ‘needs’ to do to relate? Favre commands the huddle and he always earns that respect from his teammates regardless of what they though of him personally.  Also Favre was playing well until his bicep injury surfaced.  He did play poorly down the stretch but he had good reason, which is why I am pulling for him to make another glorious comeback after many doubted his aging ability again.  Favre is the Randy Couture of the NFL and he will show everyone age is just a number when it comes to the most famous #4.  Just give him time.

Already Read the Story…Already Know the Ending

Unfortunately for us T.O is not satisfied with letting his play do his talking.

Unfortunately for us T.O is not satisfied with letting his play do his talking.

Please for all that is scared and good…. do not put a microphone in T.O’s face!  I know this is wishful thinking big time but how many times can we honestly listen to Owens bash another quarterback, organization, etc.?  It’s not a surprise anymore and regardless of what his pitiful reality shows is trying to portray him as, we all know he what he truly is.  There is no reason to cover an occurrence that has repeated every season since becoming the NFL’s premiere ‘look-at-me’ athlete.  We all wondered why Charlie Brown kept trying to kick the football out of Lucy’s hold knowing she was just going to pull it back which leaves me with the same astonishment about what the attraction is in watching a ho like Owens act like one.

There are more stories I would like to see go away but we can’t get everything we want so I would just be happy with these small requests.  With that being said, I’d like to add that I could do without or trade all three of these wishes for a black & gold Superbowl.  The French Quarter would burn to the ground in the likely record setting championship riots that would take place if the Saints won the Superbowl and it would be a small price to pay.  The city is still rebuilding so I think we can handle rebuilding the French Quarter for the sake of the Lombardi Trophy.  While I’m making wishes I might as well go for it all.