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Numbers Over Rings

Posted in NFL with tags , , , , on March 17, 2010 by Dallas O'Malley

When LaDainian Tomlinson was shopping around for a new place to dig his cleats into next season, he emphatically stated that he wanted the chance to compete for a championship.  Well good luck with that in New York LT!

LT failed to sign with the Vikings because of Brett Favre’s uncertainty for the 2010 season.  What a miscalculation on LT’s part.  Favre will be back for the 2010 season, as many experts predict, and the Vikings will once again be one of the NFC’s elite teams.  Even without Favre, the mere fact that the Vikings, back-to-back division champions from 2008-09, are in the NFC where it’s a crap shoot every year as to which team will represent the conference in the Super Bowl.

His ego also fogged up his eye shield. Don’t kid yourselves.  LT wants to feel important. Minnesota is Favre and Peterson’s world.  His ego wasn’t going to allow him to play alongside  Adrian Peterson so the media could draw up comparisons all season long.  Playing with a young quarterback and running back, LT’s presence is suddenly much more valuable.  With the Vikings powerful personalities, LT gets lost in the background.

This move was not about championships.  The Jets signing was about something much more vain.  LT saw former Jets RB Thomas Jones, 32, come off a career year (1,409 yards rushing and 14 touchdowns) in 2009.  With Jones now in KC, it opens the doors for LT to give the Jets a better receiving option at the RB position.  LT will be a compliment to starter Shonn Green, a role he accepts, but Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer presents a offensive scheme familiar to LT.  Schottenheimer was the QB coach in San Diego for 4 seasons and LT knows that his role and numbers will intensify under Schottenheimer.  The Jets’ run happy ways made them the leading rushing team in the NFL last season.  Fresh off the worst statistical season of his career, LT hopes to find that second wind with the league’s premiere run 1st team.  He’s going to get a lot of touches and that was his goal all along.  If he is to prove he has something left in the tank then he needs as many opportunities as possible.  The Jets are well equipped to give him that shot at redemption.

Tomlinson says the Jets have the ability to become a championship team.  Although he’s forgetting that it’s been said and proven a million times over that the NFL is a quarterback driven league.  As long as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger are heading up the AFC’s best, then LT and the Jets will always be on the outside looking in.  Plus there’s no love lost between Tomlinson and the Patriots, so how’s he going to contain that cry baby attitude when Brady’s Bunch eats his lunch twice a year?  The Jets were fortunate to be in the AFC Championship this past season.  To say otherwise is ridiculous and so is LT for using the Jets ’09 season as a smoke screen.

LT is headed to the Big Apple for bigger numbers.  That’s it; plain and simple.  New York is an aging running back’s dream.  Terrific O-Line, game managing QB, great lead blocker, grind out O and a stingy D.

It’s time to stop romanticizing about LaDainian Tomlinson and just see the situation for what it is.  If he were serious about a championship he’d be in Minnesota.  Then again that’s only important to some people.  Not LT.


The Saints and Destiny As I See it

Posted in NFL with tags , , , , on January 21, 2010 by Dallas O'Malley

Jets what?  Peyton Who?  The Jets are without a doubt the dullest team left in the playoffs.  The Colts aren’t exactly exhilarating either.  It was hard to stay awake for the 1st encounter between the Jets & Colts this season.  The rematch will undoubtedly be a dreary repeat.  Forget the AFC Championship. The only contest that truly matters this week is the Vikings-Saints game.  The dream match up between Brett Favre and Drew Brees will be the best shoot out since “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly”.  You’re not a football fan if you’re not super-jacked about this one. There is a lot being said about this game.  With everyone taking their shots, I will take mine.

This was my wish all along for these two teams to play each other in the conference championship.  I’m as big a Favre fan as anyone not related to him, but this is the one time where I will not be pulling for The Messiah.  My faith in the Saints has been restored and going into the biggest game in franchise history I just have to believe this team is one of destiny.  With the championship and history well within their grasp, here are my reasons for looking forward to these 3 Saints possibly and hopefully fulfilling their destinies:

Reggie Bush Shreds The “Bust” Label

Reggie Bush brought the wood in a emotionally charged game against the Cardinals.

The nation is now realizing that Reggie Bush is in fact an impact player. Bush is not the guy to carry the rock 20-25 times for 100 yards but he is a game changer of another sort.  Thanks to Bush’s newly discovered physical style of running and Sean Payton’s brilliant play calling, Bush can break the game wide open at any time.  His 84 yards rushing, 24 yards receiving and 2 TD performance (1 rushing & 1 punt return) against the Cardinals in the Division Round changed the way people reflect on his legacy.  He’s not the bust as some were predicting.  He is simply a different and special kind of running back.  It’s a special thing when a player can extinguish the flames cast on his name and I’m happy Bush is doing it in the playoffs.

Jeremy Shockey 2.0

Once viewed as team cancer, Jeremy Shockey is one of the most beloved and respected members of the New Orleans Saints.

I’ve been a huge Jeremy Shockey fan since he 1st exploded into the league in 2002.  I love his amped up attitude and his nasty style of play.  He’s a  tough bastard and when he’s on the field the Saints are a different team.  They feed of his energy and he makes the tough catches that you need from a tight end to cripple a tough defense like the Vikings’.  Despite being a intricate part of the 2007 Superbowl Champion Giants for many years leading up to their improbable run, they left him for dead and treated him like a disease.  Somehow the Giants gave him T.O status.  Shockey was thrown out like nobody’s business but he found a new home in New Orleans.  There was surrounded by other outcasts, has-beens and never will-be players.  His renegade demeanor was embraced and he was reunited with Sean Payton.  Payton was the offensive coordinator for Shockey’s best days in New York.  Shockey found his game again and is a cornerstone of the NFL’s most explosive offense.  The newest and baddest version of Jeremy Shockey needs a big ring and a new Superbowl tattoo to be complete.

Drew Is Due

Drew Brees is locked and loaded as he hunts down his 1st Lombardi Trophy.

The bible said that the Lord would return someday to save us all once again.  For the people of New Orleans, Drew Brees is the savior they were looking for.  At the center of the city’s rebirth is Drew Brees who has done some rebuilding of his own.  Since arriving in the hurricane ravaged Crescent City, Drew Brees has emerged as one the league’s elite quarterbacks.  Throughout his career, he was numb to the setbacks and doubts surrounding him and went from being pretty good with the Chargers to absolutely brilliant as a Saint.  He has become such a force in the league that his good days in San Diego are almost distant memory.  Since arriving in 2006, he’s collectively outperformed both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  That’s a long way for a guy thought of as too short and not possessing enough arm strength to be a quality QB in the NFL.  He’s a class act and an outstanding citizen.  He’s resurrected his career and the Big Easy from the ashes.  There are million reasons to like Brees and none to dislike him unless you’re facing him.  I feel for him like I did when John Elway was still chasing his 1st Superbowl victory.  It would be a crime if Drew Brees, after all he’s done, join the likes of Dan Marino.  If anyone wearing the black & gold deserves a ring, it’s Drew Brees.  Simply put, Favre and Manning had their turn. Let this be Drew’s year to realize his dream.

NFL Throwdown Week 17

Posted in NFL with tags , , , on January 5, 2010 by Dallas O'Malley
  • Living by the phrase, “it’s not how you start the season but how you end your season is what counts”, Jay Cutler flashed the awesomeness that labeled him the next big thing.  It was a small glimpse of the great things to come from next year’s Bears offense.
  • Mike Singletary’s overhaul of a once great franchise is one of the best stories of this NFL season.  Under the tutelage of “Samurai” Mike, the 49ers are no longer a game other teams look past anymore.
  • Matt Ryan led the Falcons to back-to-back winning seasons for the 1st time in franchise history.  That has to count for something.
  • Just when the Patriots begin to look like they are going to get their roll on, Wes Welker tears both his ACL & his MCL.  Without his security blanket gone, an unstable Randy Moss to throw to, Tom Brady needs either Sam Aiken or Ben Watson to step up.  Talk about being screwed.
  • Chris Johnson became just the 6th man to eclipse the 2,000 yard mark in a season.  Congratulations CJ.
  • The Cowboys, Jets & Packers all destroyed their upcoming playoff opponents this week.  Now they have the arduous task of repeating the feat for Wildcard Weekend.
  • Did the Giants just give up?  How else do you explain being outscored 85-14 in their last 2 games?
  • The two most potent rushers to finish the season were not named CJ or AP but a couple of guys named Jerome Harrison and Jamaal Charles.  Yeah, that’s what I said.
  • Both #1 seeds ended the season a combined 0-5 and we’ll see if Jim Caldwell and Sean Payton’s decision to rest their starters was the right one.  Wes Welker would concur that’s for sure.
  • The Vikings rediscovered their game at season’s end and just in the nick of time.  Another interesting note is Brett Favre, at age 40 mind you, compiled the best statistical season of his 19 year career.  Wrangler is sure to see a 42% improvement in their jeans sales.  All joking aside, Favre’s feat is truly remarkable and unequaled.

Chicago fans are now drooling with anticipation for 2010 now that they see what Cutler can really do.

NFL Throwdown Week 16

Posted in NFL with tags , , , on December 29, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley
  • Thanks to Ryan Longwell’s blocked kick and Adrian Peterson’s ongoing fumbling issues, the road to Miami for the NFC goes through New Orleans.
  • Everyone can jump off the Vince Young bandwagon now.  He’s been average at best when facing the conference powerhouses.  Furthermore it was disgusting to watch the Chargers’ secondary let Chris Johnson run by them for a 30 yard score in garbage time.  When chasing a record those numbers should be earned and it slightly waters down the terrific season compiled by Johnson.
  • The Bengals clinch their 2nd playoff berth in 20 years by claiming the AFC North title in their victory over the Chiefs.  And I thought the wait at the DMV was bad.
  • The Cowboys finally put an end to their December woes.  Now not only do they find themselves fighting for the NFC East title against the Eagles in the season finale, but also the possibility of being the #2 seed.  Somebody up there hates me.
  • The Eagles squeezed out a win over the Broncos in a back & forth battle to remain the hottest team in the NFC.
  • Not far behind the Eagles are the Green Bay Packers who may have closed the book on Matt Hasselbeck’s career.
  • The Steelers suddenly have woken up and gained that sense of urgency to save their season.  Apparently they only want to beat the good teams in the league.
  • If only Randy Moss had not pissed and moaned all season, the Patriots could have finished with a much better record.  With Brady and Moss on the same page again they once again look like the team no one wants to face again.
  • The Saints put on a pathetic display for a team trying to lock up home field advantage.  They do not deserve home field advantage and the Superdome will be the best place for any visiting NFC team in the playoffs.  Who dat say gonna git dem Saints back to their winning ways?
  • Jim Caldwell pulled the Colts’ starters with a 15-10 lead to rest them for the playoffs.  Although the 2nd string couldn’t sustain the lead and the Colts lost the pursuit for perfection.  Whether it was a bad decision or not is questionable, but the Colts earned the right to do what they felt was the higher priority.

    Manning all but locked up a record 4th MVP award by honorably coaching 3rd string QB Curtis Painter in the latter part of Sunday's game.

  • Garrett Hartley is the loneliest guy in New Orleans after missing what could have been the game-winning kick.

Indy Fans Should Stick It

Posted in NFL with tags , , , , on December 28, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley

Curtis Painter did what he could and it was perfectly fine even if the cretins in the stands failed to realize it.

The ill-bred fans of the Indianapolis Colts missed the memo.  It read that there are 31 other cities who wish their teams were in the position their Colts were in earlier today.  Not since the infamous Cleveland bottle throwing incident in 2001, have I witnessed such idiocy from a home crowd.  The decision to boo the team for passing on the perfect season shows how blind they really are.  Curtis Painter is a 3rd string quarterback on a team who is the favorite to win the Superbowl.  He is a man trying to make a living in a game where he has had less action than the ball boys at Lucas Oil Stadium.  He is a 3rd string quarterback that played with a 2nd string offense simply because winning the Superbowl is more important than chasing perfection.  Just ask Tom Brady.  A perfect season is a tough task to accomplish and the Colts learned from the 2007 Patriots team.  A perfect season loses its luster if doesn’t end with a Lombardi Trophy.  Resting starters now gives the team a much better chance of being showered in confetti on February 7th.  Furthermore, Painter didn’t deserve it.  Having the opportunity to play quarterback in the NFL at any given time is a privelage.  It is an honor that should be celebrated.  What does anyone expect given his situation?  Facing a the best pass defense in the league with a 2nd string O, the odds were immensly stacked against him.  The bottom line is that he tried his best and it was good enough for his team.  Therefore it should be ok by anyone else as well.

NFL Throwdown Week 12

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Brady: Hey Bill? Are you thinking what I am thinking? Bellicheck: Uh-huh. Let's just get the hell out of here before it gets any worse. F'n Saints!

  • Another Thanksgiving weekend and another 3 boring games on Turkey Day.
  • Can someone please explain why the Raiders were playing on Thanksgiving?
  • Where has Ryan Fitzpatrick been all season?
  • One game passing from the pocket against a banged up and suspect Cardinals’ defense does not make Vince Young a pocket passer!
  • Jake Delhomme literally threw away his starting job last week.
  • The Texans are the most consistent team in the NFL at not finishing opponents.
  • In the twilight of his career LT is finally celebrating his touchdowns after a career of just handing the ball over to the referee.  Much like a midlife crisis.
  • Brett Favre is ridiculous and the Vikings may force the Saints to go undefeated for home field advantage.
  • Concussions are a serious issue and if you question Big Ben’s status for last week’s game, then you need to read up on Kyle Turley and other former player’s declining condition due to mistreated concussions.
  • The Ravens, Falcons, Eagles & 49ers all kept their playoffs very much alive.
  • Britney Spears is no longer Yahoo’s most searched celebrity after a 4 year reign and the Patriots are no longer a force in the league 2 years removed from a perfect season.  All of this in one week?  It’s too much to bear.
  • Drew Brees skull fucked the Patriots and the Saints’ critics alike.  Finally, the Saints have respect and claim the mark of the best team in the league.

Mailbag: Brees Not The Best

Posted in NFL with tags , , , , , , on November 30, 2009 by Dallas O'Malley

Brees is the best player quarterback in the league not to win a Superbowl but all that can change with his current New Orleans Saints team.

Going through my mailbag this weekend, I came across this suggestion from a reader that I felt was appropriate especially with the huge MNF game tonight between the undefeated Saints and the team of the decade: the Patriots.  Here is what he said:

Maybe you can do an article on the BEST NFL quarterback, Drew Brees.   He keeps coming back from big deficits every week to stay perfect on the season.  With his accuracy as shown in this video, he can spread the ball around better than anyone else in the game.  He continues to shove the ball up his opponent’s asses.  So where’s the post on Brees being the best in the game?


Las Vegas, Nevada

The reason I haven’t done a piece on Drew Brees being the NFL’s best quarterback is because he’s not.  When discussing the league’s best QBs there should only be two choices:  1) Tom Brady 2) Peyton Manning.  Brees is remarkable and maybe the best of the rest but he cannot be seriously be considered the best overall.  It goes without saying that a

As great as Elway was not even he could not fend off the Superbowl stigma until he won his 1st Lombardi Trophy.

quarterback needs to win a Superbowl in order to be mentioned in the conversation.  Unfortunately it is how all great players, especially quarterbacks, are measured.  Too many magnificent quarterbacks before Brees succumbed to the Superbowl rule.  Dan Fouts, Jim Kelly and Dan Marino just to name a few.  If John Elway couldn’t get a pass with his first 3 Superbowl appearances, all loses prior to his 2 wins, then Brees, who has yet to even make it to the Superbowl, will not be granted that privilege either.

Now Brees is in my Top 5 and is far superior to fellow 2-time Superbowl champion Ben Roethlisberger. So regarding the Superbowl rule he is an exception of sorts.  No one outside of Pittsburgh would pick Roethlisberger over Brees if they had the choice.  Brees is one of the few QBs who are irreplaceable like Brady and Manning.  He is quickly closing the gap between himself and the elite.  A win over Brady’s Patriots tonight on Monday Night Football may very well provide the Saints with the fuel needed to make Superbowl run.  Then Brees can look to eradicate the one thing that plagues his credentials.

As far as his place among the best in the game I would have to place him 4th overall.  The #1 choice is clear but in a tough decision I would have to place Favre over Brees right now.  Favre is playing some of his best football with far less turnovers than Brees.  Brees has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns in half his games played this year.  The Saints are undefeated but the Vikings’ sole loss came at the expense of some convenient calls for the home team Steelers that ultimately took away the Vikings’ winning scores.  Favre and Brees are running a close race and a standout performance against the Patriots could propel Brees ahead of Favre but it’s unlikely.  This is vintage Favre we’re seeing and he’s looking a lot like the bayou brat who won a championship in the city Brees plays for.  See how that championship factor keeps working its way in the conversation?  If guys like Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien and Trent Dilfer have championship rings then it would be a crime if a talent like Drew Brees goes ring-less in his career.  Hopefully the Saints win it all this year because Brees truly deserves a ring.  I can’t think of anyone else in the league that is more deserving than Drew Brees.

Brees. Brady. Manning.  It’s all debatable but here are my top five quarterbacks in the game today:

1) Tom Brady

2) Peyton Manning

3) Brett Favre

4) Drew Brees

5) Ben Roesthlisberger