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UFC 116 – Pick’em

Posted in MMA with tags , , , on July 2, 2010 by Dallas O'Malley

We have waited long enough.  Finally the biggest and most important heavyweight fight, in any sport, since Tyson-Holyfield is upon us this Saturday at UFC 116.  And’s the only headlining fight worth mentioning.

Lesnar-Carwin is so big that the UFC built special reinforced Octagon.

When these two mammoths were scheduled to fight the first time, I made my prediction Now that the fight is finally here, the potential outcome isn’t as clear as it once was.

Shane Carwin is entirely too focused on a knockout.  To recognize the negative effect of that, then look no further than Dan Henderson’s loss to Jake Shield in April.  When facing a wrestling machine like Lesnar, takedown defense can be your best friend.  Carwin has indicated he has worked on his wrestling but you can see it in his eyes that his striking has dominated his training camp.

Everyone knows he can punch so he’s not surprising anyone.  The same goes without saying Brock Lesnar will use his wrestling to neutralize Carwin’s striking.  It’s all the more reason for Carwin to emphasize on his defense so it can set up more knockout opportunities.

Lensar has left no stone unturned while training for his title defense.  His newfound maturity has evolved him both as a person and as a fighter. Instead of working on his strengths, Lesnar has elected to work on his weaknesses.  Becoming a complete fighter is the best foil for a man like Carwin.  Lesnar acknowledges this and has worked hard for his chance to prove it.  Lesnar has made the right changes in his camp which is a scary thought for challengers like Carwin.
With all that being said…

Pick:  Shane Carwin

Call me crazy but I still think all the training in the world can’t fix a chin.  I don’t believe Lesnar has one.  Even if Lesnar does get Carwin down and smothers him, I believe Shane will ultimately survive.  Carwin should have many opportunities to find Lesnar’s chin and test it.  It’s one test Lesnar won’t pass.  Carwin will tag Lesnar and Lesnar will crumble.  Just like all of Carwin’s victims.  Carwin will lose one day but he’s waiting too long for this one.  He’s hungry.  Carwin by KO.


The X Man

Posted in MMA with tags , , , , on June 15, 2010 by Dallas O'Malley

All the talk surrounding Chuck Liddell’s knockout loss to Rich Franklin at UFC 115 is that the show’s over for the future Hall of Famer.  Not too far behind is the mention that Dana White should refuse any request by “The Iceman” for another fight.

While this is true, there needs to be more emphasis on the one person in Chuck’s world that needs to step up the most if that situation presents itself:  John Hackleman.

It happens all too often when a fighter is finished but continues to fight on while the trainer goes along with him on his path of self-destruction.  The trainer loves the fighter and willing to go down with him.

That’s why Hackleman remains the x-factor in the Liddell retirement saga.

Chuck Liddell is arguably the most endeared fighter ever to grace the Octagon.  His contributions to the sport, not just the UFC, are in-measurable. No one wishes to see him laid out cold again.

Hackleman is not the polarizing figure as White is, but he is the most influential when it comes to the former champ.  The next time he and Liddell make a trip to “The Pit” it should to train the fighters of tomorrow.  He and the king of yesteryear’s MMA are ready the next phase of their journey together.

And just like before, it’s up to Hackleman to get Chuck ready for his next challenge.

MMA Monsters – P4P

Posted in MMA with tags , , , , , , on May 14, 2010 by Dallas O'Malley

1) Georges St. Pierre

Regardless of whether you think he’s a safety 1st wrestler, the fact remains is that he always faces top opposition and always brings his best performance in the cage…every…single…time.  The complete fighter.
2) Anderson Silva

Has been reduced to strictly a counter striker.  He only excels when others come forward.  Against passive opponents, Silva has failed miserably.  He cannot push the action and his foolishness just illustrate his insecurities.  Looking to pick on smaller men like GSP is pathetic too.
3) Fedor Emelianenko

The only knock against “The Last Emperor” is the lack of activity.  If he fought more often he’d be #2.
4) Mauricio Rua

Because knocking out Lyoto Machida to win the light heavyweight championship should be enough to get you in anyone’s top 5.  Shogun was magnificent in both fights. He looks like the Shogun that tore through Pride and the UFC might finally have a dominant LHW champion on their hands.

5) Jose Aldo

Aldo may be the least known on the list, but he certainly deserves to be one of the most appreciated.  His fights look like an arcade game due to his stupendous skills.  After stomping Urijah Faber, the Aldo era has no apparent end in sight.

Kimbo Sliced

Posted in MMA with tags , , , on May 10, 2010 by Dallas O'Malley

Finally Kimbo Slice’s time in the UFC has ended. It’s about damn time too. Promoters took an unfortunate stereotype and tried to develop Slice into MMA’s Mike Tyson. Instead what they got was MMA’s Mr. T.

The Kimbo Slice experiment did accomplish some good though. It proved that MMA is not glorified street fighting. Brawling in shipyards and warehouses does not equal Octagon success. Kimbo’s failure should serve precedent to any aspiring tough guy who think they can just walk in and do this MMA thing.

Kimbo didn’t deserve the all exposure he received. The only thing you can give him credit for is making the most out of his limited abilities.

Good riddance to Kimbo Slice. He got his 15 minutes.

UFC 113 – Pick’em

Posted in MMA with tags , , , , on May 7, 2010 by Dallas O'Malley

The UFC’s mindset lately has been more quantity than quality.  Although every now and then in the UFC’s flooded PPV schedule you will find one that will not allow you to take any bathroom breaks.  UFC 113 is one of those cards and has been marked on my calendar for months.  No Kimbo talk here (because it’s not worth the space) but this card has fights really worth talking about:

Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley

Two loud mouth jerks.  One a bruising British striker.  The other an American wrestler who wants to be a striker (see Chuck Liddell and Rashad Evans).  Each wishing to become the next in line to challenge, and I use that word lightly, for Georges St. Pierre’s welterweight championship.

Koscheck has been on the brink of a 2nd title shot for seems to be an eternity.  Paul Daley is one of the hottest rising stars in the promotion’s deepest division.  He’s left a path of broken and busted bodies since crashing onto the UFC scene.  Josh Koshceck has been up and down over the past few years. Although the current form of Koscheck arms the perfect foil for Daley’s championship hopes.  So who wins?

Pick:  Josh Koscheck

Simply put, Koscheck finally remembered his meal ticket has always been his wrestling.  By going back to the basics he thrashed Anthony Johnson.  Daley has plenty of trouble holding his own against strong wrestlers.  There is nothing that would have me believe Daley has corrected this problem.  Koscheck will use his superior wrestling and extinguish Daley from any talk about title contention.

Light Heavyweight Championship : Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio Rua

This is what mixed martials arts is all about.

Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida almost effortlessly tore through the division on his way to the top.  No one had been able to even brush Machida much less connect with a meaningful shot.  Then along came Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.  Shogun did what most people thought was impossible.  He made Machida look mortal.  He came into the 1st fight with a brilliant game plan pushed Machida to his breaking point.  It was a masterful performance by Shogun, but too bad it wasn’t enough.

The controversy that followed prompted an immediate rematch.  Fight fans are beaming for another fight between these two geniuses of the sport.

Pick:  Lyoto Machida

Lyoto Machida was thrown for a loop when Shogun approached the fight the way he did. It forced him to dig down deep and pull a razor thin decision.  That said more about Lyoto Machida than many of his other wins.  Shogun will undoubtedly have another surprising plan but Machida is maybe the most intelligent fighter in the UFC.  Machida will be more evolved, more aware and better prepared for anything Shogun has in store for the rematch.  He’ll be ready for anything and he will add to his growing legend by winning a clear decision.

A Heavy Load

Posted in Boxing, MMA with tags , , , , on April 27, 2010 by Dallas O'Malley

Rumors are hard to keep in this day and age.  With the power of the internet at your fingertips, you can find out anything about anybody at any given time.

Even though Dana White has yet to confirm what we already know, it’s safe to say it maybe the most pivotal match in MMA history.

Randy Couture will present MMA at UFC 118 against former boxing champion James Toney.  Captain America vs the Detroit Motormouth.  The weight of an entire sport is resting firmly on the aging shoulders of Randy Couture.

Talk about pressure.

The seemingly endless debate of boxing vs. MMA will reach a conclusion in an intriguing battle between these over-the-hill stars.

Although I wish it were someone other than Randy Couture to get the call, but I have to say the fight makes sense.  Both guys are well past their primes and who better to test a boxer in the cage than the man who set the standard for modern-day grapplers?

Some skeptics will say that Toney is Dana White’s sacrificial lamb, but they obviously know nothing about James Toney.  He’s no slouch; not by any stretch of the imagination.

Although if you believe a traditionalist mixed martial artist, then Toney will be finished the moment he’s taken down.  James Toney has the best hands in the UFC. Hands down.  No one else in the promotion comes close.  If he lets his hands go, then it can be a nightmare for aspiring grapplers shooting for a take down.

That doesn’t bode well for Couture has been TKO’d in most of his losses.

Speaking of loses, Toney’s whiskers have never failed him.  Once he signed he immediately became the man with the best chin in the UFC stable.  Finishing him via strikes will prove to be most difficult.

Making Couture’s plight worse is that the entire sport of MMA is counting on him for the proverbial “I told you so”.  A loss suffered here will set back the sport for a long time.

Forget Sidney Crosby, Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods.  Never before has a sport been so deeply hinged on a single performance by one of its athletes.  James Toney and boxing nothing to lose in this fight.  Both will be fine win or lose.  If Couture gets put to sleep then so does MMA.  It’ll go back to being regarded as a novelty act.

If that happens neither Couture nor MMA would want to awaken from that slumber.

What We Learned @ UFC 111

Posted in MMA with tags , , , on March 29, 2010 by Dallas O'Malley

Shane Carwin is a beast

For those of you who doubted Shane Carwin’s place among the best heavyweights, the joke’s on you.  Carwin’s ferocious serious of left uppercuts chopped down Frank Mir.  Along with the face crushing assault, Carwin blew open the doors for a match with Brock Lesnar that has twice been cancelled before.  Carwin is the most serious threat to Lesnar’s reign as champion.  Finally we have someone who will not be bullied by Lesnar and also someone who can put Lesnar’s questionable chin to the ultimate test.  Shane Carwin’s explosiveness is the fight-ending magic that people love and expect from a heavyweight. Carwin has arrived and that is not good news for Lesnar, but great news for the rest of us.

Brock Lesnar is….

Still a jerk for claiming that Shane Carwin won a “fake belt”.  Lesnar was impressed with Carwin’s win over Frank Mir, but he also showed signs of concerns with his childish comments.  Lesnar is worried about Carwin; as well he should be.

Dan Hardy knows what it means to tap

He obliged, but when caught in Georges St. Pierre’s kimura, Hardy’s right hand did posture up, even for a moment, ready to tap.  Luckily for Hardy, GSP’s compassion allowed Hardy to escape when GSP looked up at the referee for intervention.   He deserves all the credit in the world for not tapping but he does know what it means to tap otherwise his hand would have been ready to do so in the 1st place.

GSP’s victory still beautiful

It goes without saying that Georges St. Pierre is the most complete fighter in MMA.  As the world’s premiere mixed martial artist, GSP’s expectations of himself is what separates him from his peers.  GSP was both a technical misstep and a humane thought away from the “beautiful victory” he wanted so bad.  Both mental errors by  GSP denied everyone, most of all GSP himself, the stoppage that was so badly wanted.  By default, Hardy’s reputation spiked but by no means should GSP’s take a hit.  It was an masterful performance.  One in which showcased a clinic and overwhelmed yet another quality contender.  Furthering cleaning out your division is something every champion wants.  GSP gets everyone’s absolute best every time in therefore always making his victories great.